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    LSD id via trans/axle num?

    Sorry guys, I know there was a post concerning this, but I cant find it :( I remember reading something about using the trans/axle number on the metal plate in engine bay to identify if your EP82 has a lsd or not? Any help?
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    DIY Roll Cage help needed

    Hi Guys No, I have not bought another A buddy of mine is turning his EP82 into a track car. Now I remember reading up somewhere about standard moutings in the EP82 and how to make a roll cage using straight pipes basically, as a type of roll cage and to stiffen the body for...
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    So, with sadness in my heart I had to let the little beast go. Me and the Missus have moved out of town, to get to our new home ( we have to drive 200+km of gravel road, something I can not do to the poor GT. The new owner, a very good friend of mine has...
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    Another smoke question...

    Hey guy's, haven't been online in a long time. The gt been sprayed and was a the mech for quite a while etc, had it back for a few months now but been runnin around and don't get a chance to drive it much. Anyway, the smoke question: On idle, firstly it idles clean and normal, but then...
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    Front Side Exit Exhaust

    Just wondering if there are any advantages (Faster spool up?) or disadvantages (Noisy?) concerning front side exit exhaust, see quite a lot of members have them. Sorry if this is already covered somewhere else? thanks
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    Weekend started good but...

    SO, just had me starbo back and running awesum for about two months, kicked some ass and put some big cars to shame....:rockon: then sunday night out with the missus for dinner and some dumb ass decides its a good idea to test how tough his jeep grand cherokee is by reversing into the passenger...
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    Standard EP82 ECU

    Hey there, just out of interest. From what I gather there are two types of standard ecu for the EP82 4EFTE. If so, what the difference? Some seem to have one plug and other 2? Thanks.
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    Shift Light connection

    Ok, am trying again. So connected my rev counter with shift light to the encircled wire? Still aint getting correct readings, have I got the wrong wire or is my rev counter the prob. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    White Wheels on white EP82

    Hey guys I got hold of a set of chunky jap style white rims, was hopin somebody got a pic of a white starlet with white rims? Just wana see how it blends before making final decision and fitting them. thanx
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    Boost level?

    Hey guys. What would the standard max boost be shown on aftermarket gauge from a ct9? Round 0.6bar at bout 4000rpm?
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    Revvv Counter with shift light?

    Hey guys. Where have others connected their rev counter/shift lights, connected mine up and the revs show nowhere near what the standard one shows?
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    Standard BOV - out of interest...

    Ordered myself a HKS BOV, just waiting for it to arrive. So was checking today how will make it fit etc, and just had a silly thought. Standard BOV releases back into the air filter pipe, and as you know with aftermarket filter it can be heard slightly. What happens if you close up the hole like...
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    Finally got my new clutch and it's in. Sure you can guess which is the old and which is the new. lol
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    After Minor Mods/repairs Feeling Slower?

    Hi Guys As you guys know I have been very quiet lately as my EP82 was at the shop for the last few months, long story. I had a few repairs/mods done and somehow my ep now feels slower? Could this be or is it my imagination after not having driven the car in a while? Empty CAT (left sensor...
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    CAT gut

    Ok, so I found the tutorial to gut the cat, thanks for that one. But will the gutted cat not effect my sensor in any way or let any warning sensors go off? Is there anything else I should do or expect or do I just empty it out and put it back together? I am running a straight 53mm pipe from CAT...
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    What clutch - EP82

    The shop where I get my parts from is having a button clutch built for a 4E starlet in RSA somewhere, so they phoned me and asked asked if I would like to order one at the same time to save costs, I thought not a bad idea to keep as a spare, but the measurements they got from the guy seem a bit...
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    Mugen Honda civic?

    Hey guys Just over 2 months ago I took on a Honda Civic and on the launch I took him, but halfway down the strip he caught up and by end of the strip when we crossed the line my nose was on his back bumper. I found out last night he is running a 1800 Mugen motor. Anybody have any info on...
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    Longing for my EP

    Hey guys. First time posting in a few weeks. Missing my EP, no, it hasnt been crashed or sold. It's still at the garage for a few small mods. Since like middle december! :( So just thought I'd drop in and say hi :rockon:
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    New bits for the ep

    Hi guys. Don't ussually do this but am bored, so posting some pics (sorry, camera phone) of new pieces for the ep which I will put in this weekend, as soon as I get it back from the garage, with new tein's :) Ganador back box and RX7 tmic Auto Gauge shift light with "smoked" face...
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    Power Enterprise Timing Belt?

    As above, anybody know them, gonna cost me about 180euro. Any good?