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  1. somal

    ECU Plug and Play

    any plug and play ecu out there ?
  2. somal

    Jam ecu up for grabs

    still there for sale ?
  3. somal

    mines plug and play ecu

    would u post to the USA ? new york
  4. somal

    Blitz Access ECU for Manual EP82

    would u be willing to post to the USA ? New York
  5. somal

    WEPR external wastegate TD04 Kit

    interested would you be willing to ship to the USA?
  6. somal

    300WHP Tercel

    really nice setup
  7. somal

    new guy from the states

    yea buddy, get some pics up and welcome!!
  8. somal

    The new car :D fd3s

    looks like a pure demon on the road, love it
  9. somal

    Just been on the rollers

    nice figures man, what mods u running ?
  10. somal


    welcome man
  11. somal

    wee bit of help please?

    yep its the cable
  12. somal

    How many miles from ur full tank?

    consider yourself lucky mate.....
  13. somal

    The Replacement has arrived.

    the evo killer, sr20det!!....damn!!!
  14. somal

    changin gear when drivin quick it feels like im pullin it out of gear not changin it

    seems like u are losing pressure with the clutch cylinder....
  15. somal

    Serious over boost HELP

    seems to be a setting with your boost controller, maybe spring pressure settings, i'm not sure how those adjust the boost solenoid, i have in an AEM tru boost which uses a duty cycle to regulate.
  16. somal

    Hello all :D

  17. somal

    Exhaust size for T25 Turbo elbow downpipe

    dont think u should, those engines cant take that much torment i got a 2nz-fe in my toyota scion xa
  18. somal

    Turbo Precision 4854B

    go for garrett