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  1. GlanzaV.Tee

    5e crankshaft or 5e bottom block

    Hi im after a 5e block with crank or just a 5e crank and which is best to go for the 5efhe crank or 5efe crank. I was planning on 7a bottom block but plans changed.
  2. GlanzaV.Tee

    Ep82 vented fenders required

    As titled want frp fenders not carbon for ep82. New or used throw me some deals cheers. Tee
  3. GlanzaV.Tee

    Anyone spotted this anywere lately ?

    i miss it really really badly :( (reg P365AYG) last place i left that was in cornwall after a swap for a golf gt tdi :( shouldnt have big mistake
  4. GlanzaV.Tee

    4efte Rocker Cover, Glanza/GT Scoop, Walbro Fuel Pump Complete assembly

    For sale: 4efte Rocker Cover Item Condition: Used Needs Cleaning Price and price conditions: £38 Posted Inc Paypal Fee's Extra Info: 4efte Pictures: Uploaded with Contact Details: 07883841083 Location:Preston Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: included in price...
  5. GlanzaV.Tee

    Starlet Gt Turbo 1994 EP82 Forged

    Starlet Gt Turbo 1994 EP82 Forged £2800 200bhp For sale: Here for sale is me beloved Starlet GT Turbo EP82. Reason for sale i need a family car now and with 3 children its not ideal. But i love every inch of the car since i've had it no problems at all also i've all the reciepts of the stuff...
  6. GlanzaV.Tee

    need help with ep82 electric windows

    hey i've been wondering if there is a window module on the ep82's ? reason im asking is that my window switch shorted so i got a new one but now the driver window wont move it wont even make any clicking noise if it is stuck but i opend the old switch and there was signs of the contacts stuck...
  7. GlanzaV.Tee

    Standard Pistons And Rods (GT)

    For sale:Standard GT Pistons With Rods Item Condition: Used out of 75,000Km Engine went forged Price and price conditions: £50 Delivered and Fee Included ! Extra Info: Need some Carb Cleaner will look good, 3 pistons are good and 3 rods ! rings are on as well as oil rings Pictures...
  8. GlanzaV.Tee

    Wanted Driver Side Electric Window Switch

    need driver side switch control panel as mine is missing
  9. GlanzaV.Tee

    pillow ball mounts for ep82 wanted in good nick

    as above has to be in good condition seen some on site for £162.90
  10. GlanzaV.Tee

    In need of some help on programming please

    hi wondering if anyone has any programming skills and or have been university and done a degree. any help is appreciated thankyou all in advance. please pm me and i will drop my msn address this way i can talk to you about the problem.
  11. GlanzaV.Tee

    should you balance pistons and rods or not ?

    hi all just building a forge build wondering if i need to weigh the pistons and rods to balance out the weight ? thanks :)
  12. GlanzaV.Tee

    ACL Main Caps Which Packet to use.

    Hi all just wondering i have acl main caps theres 2 packets in the box does it matter which packet goes to side of block and bottom side of the bearing holders ? ones yellow and one clear packet
  13. GlanzaV.Tee

    wossner piston ring fitting ?

    hi all wondering which type or ring goes on the 2nd ring and the top ring of the piston? i have 2 left one has sharp edges with a N sign on the top and the other ring has smooth edges on the inside and slight on the outside again with markings on top side
  14. GlanzaV.Tee

    AfterMarket ECU for EP82 WANTED

    pm me what you got i will need an ecu soon but will buy if its a good deal depending on what it is
  15. GlanzaV.Tee

    LED Dipped Lights Pair

    For sale: 5 LED Dipped lights x2 Item Condition:Brand New Price and price conditions: £15.20 Posted 1st class Recorded (final price includes 4% paypal fee) Extra Info:Look Better than the standard stuff Pictures: Contact Details:pm Location:bolton Delivery & Conditions of...
  16. GlanzaV.Tee

    blitz windscreen decal

    For sale: - Windscreen Sunvisor Sticker - Item Condition: -Brand New- Price and price conditions:£18.50 Includes Delivery and 4% Paypal Fee Extra Info: Pictures: Blitz Contact Details: PM or Text 07574240801 Location:Bolton Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Price...
  17. GlanzaV.Tee

    Standard Piston Melted What Can Be The Cause. see pictures

    hey guys i've just had a engine just gaskets al redone but pistons was good when built however i have had 3rd piston melt which threw up oil from the breather and also conrod one bearing melted on the crank basically its fubaard but my question is what cause this. my spec was...
  18. GlanzaV.Tee

    Wanted EP82 GT Bottom Block With Internals + maybe some used forged pistons with rods

    Im after a gt block not the glanza block with chicken legs. i dont mind anything that has piston ring failure or bearing problem, also which sump is better the gt sump or glanza sump also maybe consider bottom block forged that needs work obviously pistons and bores need to be in good condition...
  19. GlanzaV.Tee

    convertiing hubs from 4x100 to 4x114

    hey people as i know someone has asked about this before im actually looking at some 8j rims that i want for my car unfortunately they are not 100's but having said that there must be a way to use some parts from another toyota group to do the conversion and i dont think anyone has done this...
  20. GlanzaV.Tee

    Various Parts to convert ep85 to ep82 GT style

    For sale: Front GT Seats (Pair) Item Condition: Good Condition Price and price conditions: £60 plus 4% paypal fee Extra Info: front pair Pictures: Contact Details: pm or 07574240801 Location: Bolton Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup only For sale: Driver...