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    LSD id via trans/axle num?

    Jay, thanks a million.
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    LSD id via trans/axle num?

    Sorry guys, I know there was a post concerning this, but I cant find it :( I remember reading something about using the trans/axle number on the metal plate in engine bay to identify if your EP82 has a lsd or not? Any help?
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    EP82 brake upgrades...

    Have a look at the EBC website I started off by just fitting the EBC Yellowstuff pads to my standard calipers and rotor's and adding a good brake fluid. Already made a huge difference.
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    DIY Roll Cage help needed

    Hi Guys No, I have not bought another A buddy of mine is turning his EP82 into a track car. Now I remember reading up somewhere about standard moutings in the EP82 and how to make a roll cage using straight pipes basically, as a type of roll cage and to stiffen the body for...
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    Thanks Jay, she will be missed. Amazing little cars, cant help but love em.
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    So, with sadness in my heart I had to let the little beast go. Me and the Missus have moved out of town, to get to our new home ( we have to drive 200+km of gravel road, something I can not do to the poor GT. The new owner, a very good friend of mine has...
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    Running Yoko S-Drive's on the GT, great tyre, new set lying in the garage...Yoko's again. Even run Yoko's on my 4x4's, love em.
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    Another smoke question...

    Hi Guy's. So, have not really had much time to give the GT some attention recently. But did put in a new pcv valve, old one was quite finished, but unfortunately did not solve the problem. Had it checked quick by a mechanic guy (who races a beautifull supra) and he say's he 100% sure it the...
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    Another smoke question...

    also first thought it was condensation, but even after a drive over a long stretch of lets say 100km, I stop, let it idle and after a few minutes the smoke starts, rev it a few times and the smoke is gone, idle a few min and starts again... engine has about 140 000km on, I service regularly...
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    Another smoke question...

    Hey guy's, haven't been online in a long time. The gt been sprayed and was a the mech for quite a while etc, had it back for a few months now but been runnin around and don't get a chance to drive it much. Anyway, the smoke question: On idle, firstly it idles clean and normal, but then...
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    Starlet gt's Manual (pdf format)

    Ok, seems best thing is to add name to list. Please send to me as well, rep will def be added, thanks mate :rockon:
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    Starlet gt's Manual (pdf format)

    say's download not available, did I miss something?
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    Filter relocation query

    Busy relocating mine to the front bumper using a K&N Apollo induction kit. Will let you know how it went when done. Otherwise just gonna put some plumbing to the front.
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    Front Side Exit Exhaust

    Just wondering if there are any advantages (Faster spool up?) or disadvantages (Noisy?) concerning front side exit exhaust, see quite a lot of members have them. Sorry if this is already covered somewhere else? thanks
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    Turbo issues any ideas?

    Quote "theres no oil but the actuator has alot of movement in it.. its a front mount and where the dump valve connects to the efi pipe the bracket has broken so getting a new efi pipe to stop that leaking.. and gonna check the intercooler now..but im pretty sure the actuator is buggered and...
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    Scooby could be gone.

    Always sad to let em go, but the GT4 looks awesum, bought one a few years back but had so much sh*t with the import papers had to let it go.
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    Weekend started good but...

    Thanks guys. Been playing with the pearl white idea since I got the starbo, this mishap just kinda pushed it into happening so to speak, ha ha. Think the guy had one too many, also think one of reasons he stayed was cause was a private parking lot with a security, ha ha. Ok, gotta give him...
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    Hi All

    In TGTT we trust... ;-)
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    Weekend started good but...

    SO, just had me starbo back and running awesum for about two months, kicked some ass and put some big cars to shame....:rockon: then sunday night out with the missus for dinner and some dumb ass decides its a good idea to test how tough his jeep grand cherokee is by reversing into the passenger...
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    Standard EP82 ECU

    Ha ha, Im a nitwit. I was looking at the black box behind/below the glove box, after more building apart found the ecu behind centre console. So what the other box for then?