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  1. somal

    ECU Plug and Play

    any plug and play ecu out there ?
  2. somal

    my three cars

    just thought i'd post up some pics and yea i know they need a wash.... my ep71 2e turbo my toyota ist my ep82
  3. somal

    can anyone shed some light on this ??

    was just checking this out on ebay, wondering if anyone knows about it ?
  4. somal

    subaru forrester td04l

    hey all, i have just bought one of these turbos, anyone can relate on them, are they just the same as the ones that came on the wrx ?
  5. somal

    draft through ac vent

    hey fellas, i've got a strange problem, i am able to smell fumes from the engine bay when my air conditioning is on, also i am feeling a draft through the vents when i have the windows wound up and a/c off, any one can help me find out where the air is coming in from.
  6. somal

    Customs Made Side Kit

    had this on for a while now, just havent posted any pics of it, what do u guys think? also recently added two recaros !
  7. somal

    looking to go td04

    can u guys help me out in selecting a right turbo, what i on right now is a garrett t25 on a stock engine but the turbo is on its way out, i have tmic,2" 1/4" exhaust, hks ssqv, aeromotive fpr, ngk leads, decat,headers
  8. somal

    Help Identifying O2 Sensor

    need some help finding the o2 sensor wire on the ecu plug, not sure if its connected or broken the afr gauge works but i dont think its wired to the ecu i may be wrong but the car over fuels quite alot.
  9. somal

    help with idle

    i cant seem to regulate my idle, it wont drop even if i lock the idle screw all the way down it keep idling above 1000rpm...what can this be ?
  10. somal

    Morosso Oil Pump

    does anyone know what is the stock oil pressure for a moroso oil pump ?
  11. somal

    Odd Question

    any of you guys know what is the alternator belt size for the honda b18/b16 engine ?
  12. somal

    TOYOTA 3Y Engine

    can u guys help me with the torque specs for this engine, head blots, main bearing etc....thanks in advance been searching google not finding a thing on it!
  13. somal

    oil around manifold!!

    what can this be guys...fitted a new turbo
  14. somal

    Got mugged!!

    got mugged early 8:30am 6 secs from my work place entrance....what a messed up day!
  15. somal

    Can't Seem To Get This Sorted Out!!!

    Hey fellas, am having a problem with my idling and idling with the AC on i have changed my intake and throttle body and the issue i am having is that the car would idle high around 1100-1200rpm with the ac off and when u switch the ac on the revs drop to about a 1000 or a little below, i have...
  16. somal

    Terrible Decrease in power

    i am having an issue with my gt, having a terrible issue of the car feeling sluggish ONLY when the AC is on and cuts out while driving from time to time. Any ideas fellas ? Changed Leads and plugs, coil pack.
  17. somal

    Error code 14

    can u guys help me out with is or what can i do ?
  18. somal

    High fuel consumption!! Help!

    Hey guys i really need help sorting out my fueling, i am getting like 275KM to a full tank of gas, something is wrong, i need all the help i can get, driving me crazy
  19. somal

    HELP with Subaru

    hey guys i know on here got some scooby owners, can anyone help me with the dashboard indicators where the gauges are, its a 2003 subaru impreza wrx sti, the problem i am having is that the A and B indicators are lit on the dash, what are they for ??
  20. somal

    HELP! my quad light gt

    hey guys i dunno what else to try, my quad light gt keep blowing the bulb on the right side low beam, it works for a few days/weeks then it gives up, i cant figure it out at all!