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    Vitara piston on 4e block?

    Has anyone tried to fit a vitara pistons on our 4efte block? What are the pros and cons of this? tnx
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    Garrett T3 turbo on 4efte?

    Good evening guys, i have some questions... I just bought a garrett T3 turbo... 1. Is this good for our 4e engine? 2. How much hp could i make with it on stock internals with supporting mods? 3. As i want to build a turbo manifold for t3, what type would be great? short runners, equal length...
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    hi everyone....
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    safc 5 knob..

    safc 5 knob.. need help... could anyone tell me if this kind of safc any good for my ep82? @ 10 psi! if it is could anyone show me the wiring diagram & settings? thanks....