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    Big Glanza Issue

    Hi there hope all is well, I have owned starlets for a number of years now and have yesterday purchased another glanza. I have purchased this glanza with a spluttery like issue. The previous owner was overtaking a car and went to plant it when engine management light came on and car dies in...
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    Hows things Lads looking for some direction --

    Firstly im getting my build going and am currently living in dublin, i need to know the following where to bring this project and who will do the work, travelling around the country doesn't bother me but it needs to be of the best quality work and someone that isn't gonna act the bollox with...
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    Hi there back after 5 years :)

    Hi there Ladies & Gentleman, My name is Stefan and currently living in Dublin Ireland, I am at this moment in time about to embark on building a Frankenstein EP82 5E. I have been a member of this site for 5 years and a lot has changed in this time. I am finally ready to start this Monster. I...
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    Anyone know how to get a 5e Td04 to pass emissions ??

    Just looking to find out if anyone knows how to pass the NCT/MOT on emissions with the 5e Td04 :confused:du
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    Anyone that makes up the 5e engines in dublin ??

    Looking to get my engine done have the 4e there and have the 5e there aswell just want to find out is there anyone in dublin reasonably priced also I have 5efhe rods and 4e pistons would I be better off going forged pistons and rods or what do you think ?? I will be running an e manage ultimate...