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  1. Rory

    EP82 / 91 Quaife LSD

    For sale: EP82 / 91 Quaife LSD Item Condition: Excellent Price and price conditions: £400 ovno Extra Info: Removed from my old GT, great diff. 8 BOLT fixing for crownwheel Pictures: Contact Details: PM on here Location: Angus, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: £20 should cover...
  2. Rory

    WEPR TD04 kit, 3" Exhaust and Gauges

    For sale: WEPR Ramhorn TD04L Kit (breaking) Item Condition: Used / Good Price and price conditions: £550 Extra Info: This kit comes with a 3” downpipe option from WEPR to suit my custom 3” exhaust (see below listing) Downpipe Will not connect to a normal aftermarket replacement. Manifold...
  3. Rory

    WTD: Driveshafts

    As above, looking for a pair of shafts for my 95 GT. What have you. Cheers Rory
  4. Rory

    Knockhill 10/03/12 Trackscotland

    Well id better throw up a couple of videos from my last Saturday. Was a good day with a mix of cars in attendance. No hicups from me anyway so i was happy. The day didnt all go swimingly for the Maestro though, eneded up locking the rear brakes heading towards Duffus, spun into the marshals...
  5. Rory

    AVCR Issues?

    Folks, Long story short, the AVCR was setup on the dyno and working great for a couple of months. Done my last track day and started to notice the boost pressure fluctuating a bit. (Start of November) Thought nothing of it. Pulled the car out to give it a spin today and the boost pressure...
  6. Rory

    Trackscotland track day at Knockhill 12/11/11 INBOARD VIDEO included.

    Scince the video is now on youtube i thought id post it in here. Its been well over a year scince i was last down there, but im itching for more again. The sound comes on around 1 lap in (1.30), but some folk might have to turn the...
  7. Rory

    High Idle.........

    After a weekend of sprinting(2 weeks ago), the car has managed to give itself a 2000 rpm idle hot or cold. Ive been through all vac hoses, all ok. Changed the map sensor, no change Changed the Coolant temp sensor for a known working one, no change Whipped the inlet manifold off to check...
  8. Rory

    Possible Power FC Issues...

    Has anyone had a Power FC go bad on them? After changing the loom in the GT, the car will start and no more with the PFC, yet if i throw the STRD ECU in it runs fine (even on the 440 injectors)?? I did notice that after i had switched the car off (with the PFC) the ECU itself was buzzing...
  9. Rory

    FAO: Anyone running NGK Leads

    For people who run NGK leads, what size are they and how do they fit? Ive just recieved a set, and they are 5mm and not 8mm as advertised! Also the king/coil lead being a bit on the short side... Looking to see if anyone else has had a similar issue before sending them back. Cheers Rore
  10. Rory

    Error code 14

    Folks, This car will nevergive me peace.... Fucking thing has one more chance, anyway..... Just got the car roaded again after the winter months. Changed a few parts and all was well the past couple of days. Car fired up into life on the key, untill today...... :mad: Went through all the...
  11. Rory

    Sparco Rev Fixed Bucket Seats, Cyl Head,Drivesahfts

    For sale: 2 x Sparco Rev fixed bucket seats Item Condition: Good Price and price conditions: £250 for the pair. Extra Info: Both in good condition, one seat has the seat cushion missing, but easily get another from Demon Tweeks etc.These are side mounted seats, NO RAILS OR...
  12. Rory

    WTD - Autobahn/Blitz cold side, top intercooler pipe.

    As per title folks, Im looking for the top pipe from the cold side of a Autobahn / Blitz intercooler setup, as per the pic below. Im not needing any silicon joiners, jut the alloy part. I stupidly cut mine up when i put the new inlet on.... Im looking for the standard water and vacume...
  13. Rory

    WTD - 1996 Glanza Gear Selector Cables

    As per the title folks, im looking for a pair of gear selector cables for a local guy around my area. Anyone who is breaking a Glanza have any going spare? Or even someone with them lying around? OR Do they run the same cables as the late GT Turbo's? Cheers folks Rory
  14. Rory

    Voltage from Coil

    Folks, Im in need of a favour from anyone thats handy with a multimeter. Im looking for the voltage output from the coil, with the ignition on, at the distributor cap (not running) AND The voltage output while cranking, at the cap also Im trying to figure out weather my coils at fault...
  15. Rory

    ATTN: samstarlet

    Clear your inbox. I cant reply until you do. Rory
  16. Rory

    No Sparky Spark......

    Car was running fine, popped into Tesco's for shopping, went to go home and it wouldnt start. Had a jiggery pokery with the ECU plugs and it fired up. No evidence of loose wires etc. Got home fine, switched it off, next day it would not start again... Tried more jiggery pokery, but to no...
  17. Rory

    WTD: Bumper Support bar and Slam Panel Support Bar

    As above, Im looking for a bumper suport bar and the support bar bar that connects the slam panel to the Cross member, for a Quadlight GT. Fecking dear bend these fairly easy..... Or does anyone know how much they are from Toyota? Rory
  18. Rory

    Never ending issues......**UPDATE - 26/08/10**

    Right, im needing a collectivethinking on this one, and hopefully sooner the better :p My car has been having an issue over the past week with the ignition system. Its had new plug leads, dizzy cap and arm within the last 4 months, and fresh plugs every month just about. It was mapped...
  19. Rory

    Anyone know member "billybob"??

    As above anyone know "billybob" or Eric? He is still due me £200 quid scince June, and ive heard nothing from him in 2 weeks now. If i hear nothing it seems like a trip to Ireland again to collect my wheels..... Any help is much appreciated. Rory
  20. Rory

    IDLE CONTROL VALVE Plug OR Which wire to what pins on sensor

    As above, Looking for a Idle contrrol valve plug (from the loom) with a couple inch of tail on the wires. Its a long shot but i cut mine off, and cant remember where i put it... :homer: Anyone? Rory