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    Rich at idle issues

    Hi guys, I've just had a td04 conversion done, on a stock 4efte with a stock ecu, and my wastegate came with a 10psi spring. I noticed that the car was running a bit rich, from the backfiring when shifting, and a reading of nearly 4bar on my brand new tomei fpr... So i got my wideband...
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    Choosing the ideal clutch

    Hi guys, Anyone using a twin plate clutch kit? I'm seeking for advice on the advantages and disadvantages of running this setup, and which brand would be more drivable, for a daily driven car Thanking you in advice... Cheers.
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    Choosing the ideal exhaust

    Hi guys, I'm currently running the stock CT9 setup, using the stock 4efte manifold, downpipe and midpipe, followed by a custom made 2" catback exhaust, with a 2.5" backbox. However, my goal is to have a free flowing exhaust system, that won't be too loud, yet can make some decent power on a...
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    Fuel pump wiring issues

    Hi guys, I'm currently using an AEM fuel pump, which i've connected to the oem fuel pump wiring harness, but somehow it seems to be having some wire heating issues at the connectors... 1. Is it normal due to the guage difference?...(note that it's really hot, i'm seeing smoke and it's melting...
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    Best td04 setup on stock internals

    Hello everyone...i've finally made up my mind towards going td04. However, i jave a few concerns. First of all, i would like to know how much of a difference would an equal length or an unequal length manifold setup make with a td04 on stock 4efte internals? Secondly, how hard will the td04...
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    Effects of rear end collisions

    Hi all, I'm so sad right now, i ended up in a rear collision on friday, and i beleive my rear chassis frame has been affected, as my rear passenger doors won't open, and has gaps where it suppose to be tightly shut...anyway, as i'm figuring out how to get it fixed, i'm just wondering if strut...
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    squeezing the maximum out of the stock 4efte motor

    Hi guys, I'm going to go straight to thye point. Yesterday i got my ass whooped for the first time, by a mitsubishi miragre with a 4g93t...i know it's a bit out of my league, since i'm running stock, but i'd like to have a rematch, and atleast be able to remain side by side with the...
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    Engine rebuild issues

    Hi guys, just need to clarify something, before i start freaking out. I just had my engine rebuilt, and when i drove it home, from the garage, it was alright, i drove in 2nd and maybe 3rd gear, making sure i shift at around 2500rpm...i live in the hills, so i had to drive uphill for a while...
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    Exhaust sizes on a stock CT9

    Hey guys, I'm currently running a stock CT9, on the stock manifold and downpipe, followed by a 2" exhaust pipe to a 3.5" muffler...I have a 2.5" decat downpipe laying around, would it be wise to have it installed with the 2" exhaust, or i should get a 2.5" straight through exhaust pipe all...
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    head gasket thickness vs engine CR

    Hi guys, I'm running a stock 4efte, at 13psi of boost, and due to a radiator failure the other day, i've encountered an overheating problem when going uphill, or engine is under a bit of load...this lead to a cracked headgasket, which doesn't cause the engine coolant to leak into the oil...