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    Windscreen Washer Pump

    For EP82, I don't know if one from EP91 is the same or another Toyota vehicle one that might work? Thank You.
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    Knock sensor loom part number wanted

    Goodafternoon, I am after part no for the connector plug and pigtail wire for the knock sensor for EP82. Thank You.
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    Fun EP Vid!

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    Coolant Housing Temp Sensor

    Hi i'm looking for a part number for the one pin sensor that sits directly below the main green coolant temp sensor on a M3 EP82. I think it's for the cluster temp guage.
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    ARP Headbolts

    Used. Good condition. £65 inc. delivery. East Midlands, UK.
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    Remember Senna Monaco 1988 qually lap:
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    Kerb Weight EP85 + EP95

    As above i am trying to find the weight of both models. Thanks.
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    Clear Out. Injectors - Piston pins - Oil feed bolt.

    Clear Out. Fuel Pump - Piston pins. For sale: 450cc High impedence injectors. Item Condition: Used for approx. 100 miles, like new. Price and price conditions: Sold Extra Info: Direct fit plug and play, flow tested, flow matched, visual flow inspection by myself, selling as going...
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    Scorch Racing S15

    Old vid this, but still so good. The director has done a good job.
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    P20 Exhaust housing

    For IHI turbo from a VF22, 23. Cheers.
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    Tsukuba Battle Vid

    Great battle, brilliant drivers: Jus' watch Max Orido go in the Top Secret 35!
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    Bulbs for quadlight

    Is there like direct fit bulbs i can pick up from like Halfords or other motor factors? The one's that i have been previously using needed abit, well actually quite alot filing off to get them to fit and is jus' a ballache to even comprehend doing it.
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    Starlet in Japan!

    The Japanese cruisers still rockin' the EP's: Remember the Option vid: Tuning an EP82 to beat an R34? ( Well maybe they got one's now that can beat R35's! :beer:
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    4EFTE Camshaft Upgrade

    Apart from Cruise, were there other 4EFTE upgrade camshafts available from the Japanese tuners?
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    CT9 Decat/ Downpipe Roadrunner

    TD04L Oil Feed Bolt For sale: TD04L turbo oil feed bolt Item Condition: New Price and price conditions: £10 inc. del Extra Info: Turbo oil feed bolt with the bigger hole Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: Leicester, East Midland, UK Delivery & Conditions of...
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    1" - 2" Micrometer - CT9 Short route turbo outlet pipe - Vaccum hard lines

    For sale: 1" - 2" mic Item condition: Used, but relatively new Price and price conditions: £20 inc. del. Extra info: Perfect for measuring journals on a 4E or 5E or anything else between 1 and 2 inch. - Micro-lapped tungsten carbide tipped anvils - Enamelled frame with matt...
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    Cusco Lower Arm Bar users feedback..

    I know this will stiffen up the front end a fair bit, but my concern is does it encourage more understeer or will it remain more or less the same as without one? Any feedback from users would be awesome.
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    TRD Anti Roll Bar for the rear..

    I have seen there are TRD anti roll bars for the front, but not come across a rear one, could you also get them for the rear?
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    This is Amazing...

    ...what an EP!