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  1. thefalls

    Parking brake overhaul

    Other toyota rear or front nipples fit the starlet rear caliper. They are shorter and you can still bleed them the usual way.
  2. thefalls

    Box from japan

    The stock fan doesn't fit the triple core i presume? The added bonus of the space when using a civic rad is awesome. Oil filter comes out nicely.
  3. thefalls

    Box from japan

    How are you liking the triple core ? Does it cool too much for the street application or is it better for track ?
  4. thefalls

    Box from japan

    I can attest to that one as i have run an automatic one. Single longer core indeed and trans cooler pipes blocked. Even the diesel starlets have a large radiator as well.
  5. thefalls

    Nostalgia is a bitch.

    Decade of owner ship as well. Its been a ride :)
  6. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    I think its a commendable effort by Toyota given the time frame and development costs of a niche sports car. What people don't get is that the BMW is not reliable while the Toyota is. and with Toyotat's involvement this car with BMW parts is going to be more reliable. Im sure that they [toyota]...
  7. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    Isn't this gorgeous ?
  8. thefalls

    5E bottom half vs complete 5E

    And if i remember well then some of them would shave the stock 5efe pistons also to lower compression ratio. Their build of 5E 300whp has upset quite a few people over here who have gone forged 4E too. LOL! It was good banter back in the days. :)
  9. thefalls

    gearbag bushes

    I have done that since a while. Fit and forget. Bearings are 608ZZ or 608RS
  10. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    Atacama yellow!
  11. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    A nice ass i would say
  12. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    As per the latest news the four cylinder is for the Asian market where the tax brackets punish the big engines, making them unaffordable. Some may argue that the Supra is meant to have the 3 litre engine only. But they used to have normally aspirated version back in the days, with around 220hp...
  13. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    Don't know how many people are looking forward to this over here . But this looks nice. Taste may differ and some may say that its a bmw underneath with a Toyota skin. The Japs have fiddled with this quite a lot though! Lets wait for the release Jan 14th 2019!
  14. thefalls

    Rear IRS

    Had a chat with Shaun, white glanza with IRS. Sound lad and waiting for his rear IRS kit to come out.:)
  15. thefalls

    What car are you driving?

    Huh! Where was that ? You exceeded the limit by more than 25km/hr n traffic? They are out big time to take out money. This is the daily.
  16. thefalls

    Rear Beam Polybush

    Everything has been polybushed in the rear, and so far its all good.
  17. thefalls

    Top mounted turbos ?

    Tell me more about this tf035 set up. sounds interesting,spools early? top end is good? What power are you making?
  18. thefalls

    Rear IRS

    Yeah thats the white glanza. Interesting set up. need more details on the car. Is he on here?
  19. thefalls

    Brembo 4 pot conversion

    rim selection will be quite a process o_O
  20. thefalls

    Need advice on lsd

    Its a good read over here. You won't get bored. LOL!