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    4EFTE Crankshaft and Thermostat housing

    Good afternoon all, Would anyone have a complete 4EFTE thermostat housing and ideally an unground crankshaft they are willing to part with?
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    Starlet Parts Clear Out (decat, FPR, Turbo Timer, Intercooler Core And More)

    Here i have for sale the remaining parts of my old starlet (ep82). reason for sale is i no longer own it and have no use for the parts anymore. Starlet Braced Exhaust De-cat Price £60 Condition: Used But no cracks Not sure what make it is and does not use standard exhaust mounting point...
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    4E-FTE Crankshaft. Re-Ground

    For sale: 4E-FTE Crankshaft Item Condition: Good Price and price conditions: £300 Extra Info: Crankshaft That Came Out Of My Starlet Engine. Was Going To Rebuild It But Due To Lack Of TIme And Money Just Gonna Sell Up. Crankshaft Has Been Re-Ground 0.25mm Will Come With All New ACL Bearings...
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    Condition Of Crankshaft

    I need some opinions on if the journals on my crankshaft look ok for my i know people are not to keen on running crankshafts that have had machine work done on them due to making them weaker and would rather just use another crank but im not sure if mine is alright, anyone give me...
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    Driveshaft Nuts

    Can anyone tell me what the size of the nuts that hold the driveshaft into the hubs is? I have got no sockets that are anywhere near the size of those nuts so i dont even have a clue what it is.......all i know is that its bigger than an inch sized socket.....
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    How To Remove Stubborn Sump!

    Hey Everyone Trying to strip down my engine so i can rebuild it and im trying to get the pistons out to see what condition they are in.....and to pinpoint exactly where my bottom end knock was coming from. Now the block is still in the car and i got underneath and took off the bolts/nuts that...
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    1993 Black Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 For Sale

    For sale: 1993 Square Light Starlet Gt Turbo Item Condition: Not The Best Of Conditions.... Price and price conditions: Looking For Around £650 Extra Info: I Bought My Starlet Back In The Middle Of January This Year. I Bought It With Suspected Little Ends Gone. And Was Gonna Fix It Up And...
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    Gearbox Problems....

    Hey Everyone I Need Peoples Advice On What Could Be Wrong With My Car........ Basically Throughout the day i had been hearing what sounded like a squeaky/slipping Belt Every now and then. I ended up going down a dual carriage way, not speeding or anything. And this noise started becoming...
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    Black M Reg Starlet. In Sainsburys Otford

    Spotted You In The Car Park. About 1ish. Had Blacked Out Rear Lights
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    Thorpy. Please Clean Up Your Inbox!!

    As Above :)
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    Replacing a piston

    Hello all I am looking at replacing one of my pistons due to the little end going in one of them. Would I be able to do this without getting the clylinder rebored and cross hatched etc? Thanks Jamie
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    4E-FTE Engine

    Looking for a. Engine for a 1994 starlet gt. Preferably in the south east. Will be willing to travel further. Needs to be in good running condition
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    Compression Test Results

    Right Guys.... Since I've owned the car back in January my bottom end has been knocking. Most noticable when on first start up when cold. But can barely hear it once its started. So its not exactly a REALLY bad knocking bottom end.. But anyway i am wanting to get this sorted out now cos its...
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    Modified Live Brands Hatch 2010

    Spotted A Black GT Turbo At The Front Of The Car Parking Space Then Spotted A Silver Glanza For Sale Then Spotted This Nice Black GT Turbo Aswell
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    Drivers Side Front Window Mechanism

    As Above. Im in need of a MANUAL window mechanism for a 1993 EP82. Drivers side. The bit where your window winder attaches too. and holds the window up etc. Needs to be in good condition as mine is worn out. Thanks Jamie
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    Getting A Rattle As Im Driving

    No idea if this is the right place for this but ever since ive had the car. Ive been getting this annoying rattle. I cant hear it when sitting staionary but soon as i start moving i can hear it. Its like a metallic rattle. If i have my drivers side window open i can just about hear it, And when...
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    Oil feed/return pipe

    Anyone got a standard oil feed/return pipe for standard ct9 turbo. Will buy depending on price thanks!
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    Turbo oil feed/return pipe problems!

    Right everyone not long ago I had to buy another 2nd hand turbo for my car due to the oil seals going in the old one. Had no problems taking the old one off. Used the 12mm socket for the bolts that hold the cat on etc. But when putting it all back together I lost the gasket for the oil feed pipe...
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    Good Condition Throttle Position Sensor For EP82

    As Above Needing a throttle position sensor thats in good nick for a 1993 manual starlet gt turbo 3 Wire plug
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    White Glanza and Black GT Tonbridge Area

    Thursday 4th. Saw a White glanza in tudely coming from Tonbridge way heading towards Five Oak Green at about 5:10pm. Saw a black GT turbo Near all the car dealerships in Tonbridge at about 5:20. and at about 11:30 saw the black GT again heading from Tonbridge into Hildonborough. Anyone on here...