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  1. starletsy

    Time to leave the fold maybe?

    Tidy cars are selling for good money I think the closer to stock they are the better they are selling. Good cars are 6k these days maybe more depending on condition and spec.
  2. starletsy

    Wanted: A few ep82 interior bit's.

    If Jay doesn't have a bracket I may have a spare bracket for the arm rest as I got two when I got mine from Japan will have a check see if I can find it.
  3. starletsy

    Thermostat housing spare bung thread size

    100% its not M16 that will start like 1/4 of turn and I guess someone has just sent it but the original bung threads in and out nicely.
  4. starletsy

    Thermostat housing spare bung thread size

    Well its not 3/8 npt been through all my stuff and can't find a match seems a bit expensive paying £12 plus shipping for a Zep one from rhd Japan
  5. starletsy

    Thermostat housing spare bung thread size

    So I want to fit a water temperature gauge and want to fit it in the spare port in the thermostat housing. I know zep racing sell an adapter but it’s expensive for what is is when shipping is take into account. I did some searching and found someone posting that it was M16 x 1.5 it’s definitely...
  6. starletsy

    Realistic parts prices

    Parts are getting discontinued now from Toyota so good used parts are the only option which is pushing prices up everywhere even in Japan.
  7. starletsy

    Stock BOV hoses

    Has anyone got the 2 stock BOV hoses? Just might be quicker buying a second hand set that waiting for new ones from Japan...
  8. starletsy

    Cool auction finds

    Look good on an ep82 i think I'd deffo rock one if I had an 82
  9. starletsy

    Parts for sale

    Parts arrived in great condition good seller kept me updated with tracking numbers a nice smooth transaction :)
  10. starletsy

    Parts for sale

    sent you a message re brakes
  11. starletsy

    Potenza Gymkhana suspension

    These came on the red Glanza have now changed them to coilovers. No leaks but a bit of surface rust on them and the springs also one of the rear adjusters is stuck. Attached picture of the car with them fitted should give an idea of height. Looking for £175 plus shipping.
  12. starletsy

    How to: Levin BZR Brake Upgrade

    The Levin discs are 25mm thick these being 22mm new are a bit thin are they not?
  13. starletsy

    Air in coolant problem!?!?

    These are really good as you can run the car with a good head of coolant and remove them without spilling it everywhere. Can't seem to find a UK seller at the minute and can't remember if mine came from the states but have used it lots and well worth the price.
  14. starletsy


    Hey buddy life gets in the way sometimes but you often find the time/money to come back. I've recently come back and would love to have some of the parts that I had in the past but we all have our reasons to move on at times.
  15. starletsy

    How’s it going lads ? It’s been too long !

    Hi Chris hope you're well another big spec build or just something mild?
  16. starletsy

    Headlights and speedometer face

    Jay any chance of a pic I’ve got an mph one on mine an the colour match is shocking it’s doing my head in :confused::confused:
  17. starletsy

    Headlights and speedometer face

    Know it's a long shot but has anyone got a new or very good condition Glanza drivers side headlight willing to also buy a pair. Also looking for a stock glanza speedometer face the 180kph one if someone has changed to indiglow ones again willing to buy a cheap cluster complete if someone has one.
  18. starletsy

    Plug and play ecu's

    Who knows what the Blitz was mapped for though as you know Jay they offered many different turbo kits back in the day from a K1 hybrid, KKK 24 and 26 plus a K03 in the end.
  19. starletsy

    Clutch recommendations

    Looking for recommendations for a clutch will be running about 180-200hp I guess blitz k1 with matching ECU, 1 bar boost pressure exhast with decat. I have used exeddy ones in the past both paddle and organic on higher powered builds but that was in the past is there anything better out there...
  20. starletsy

    Bottom plastic cover for oem 3 point brace

    long shot I know but does anyone have this part available would consider buying a brace if it includes the part I need