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  1. thefalls

    The 2020 Supra Leak

    Don't know how many people are looking forward to this over here . But this looks nice. Taste may differ and some may say that its a bmw underneath with a Toyota skin. The Japs have fiddled with this quite a lot though! Lets wait for the release Jan 14th 2019!
  2. thefalls

    Rear IRS

    This one has been bugging me for sometime now. Mid corner bump and the rear end wants to swap places with the front. The inside wheel lifts and unsettles the rear nervously,lol! Now i have seen other cars with IRS, rolla ones pass by nicely and absorbing all bumps on the uneven roads. On...
  3. thefalls

    Rear Beam Polybush

    Its been while since i posted here, i figured why not start again to keep the forum alive. Who has polybushed the rear and felt a major difference? I am curious to know the changes these bring to the behaviour of the rear at the limit of grip. As we all know that the rear end tends to snap if...
  4. thefalls

    Race of Champions 2 - Mauritius

    A few pics from the event. Will post more as i receive them.
  5. thefalls

    Ultra racing rear lower brace

    Hi need some pictures or info from people who have actually done it. Anyone fitted a rear lower brace to the ep91. Mind you they are advertised as ep80/82 rear lower brace. This is what i am talking about.
  6. thefalls

    Trinidad pepper!!!

    Anyone from the Trinidad people have tried the Moruga scorpion Pepper,i hear there are the killers!
  7. thefalls

    Legal limit of exhaust

    It would be very helpful if someone could post some info regarding the way decibels are recorded to test the amount of noise a car exhaust makes in the UK. What i am interested to know is the methodology? For example in Japan you have to hold the sound meter 50cm away from the back box at...
  8. thefalls

    This car can drift!
  9. thefalls

    New 118i 1.6 turbo feedback

    Right guys,i had a run in one these today. Its around 170bhp with 250nm of torque. Well the drive was nice,can feel enough torque when launching [ no mad launches,behaved a bit,was a test drive :P ]. The steering response was very good,being a rear wheel drive the front wheels were doing...
  10. thefalls

    Japanese forged rebuild.
  11. thefalls

    Some engine bay,this is.
  12. thefalls

    Turbo Jackets

    Your opinions,please. What are the major benefits? Any experience with these,before and after effects? Thanks.
  13. thefalls


    This is to let you all know that you can buy from Matt,very helpful guy. Package was well bundled and safe. He keeps you informed and keeps his promises. Thanks Matt and yeah will defo buy from you again.
  14. thefalls

    Copper vs Aluminium gasket

    Which one is better? Its mani to turbo gasket. I have been using the composite one but it doesnt last more than two days. I have ordered the alu one but wont receive it anytime soon. Can i use the copper gasket? Is it any good? Some advice from people who have actually used these...
  15. thefalls

    Det Cans / knock sensor

    Is it possible to wire a head phone to our stock knock sensor?
  16. thefalls

    Kumho KU31 Tyres

    Anyone used these on the GT/Glanza. Want some reviews,as i hear they are good and can be had for a good price. Many thanks.
  17. thefalls

    Stuart Murphy aka S.murphy

    Brillant guy to deal with and very informative every step of the process. Will buy from him again and again. He sent a turbo timer by post with tracking and can you believe it? He even sent me a pm to let me know that the parcel had reached! Thanks a lot Stuart. PS: Dont hesitate to...
  18. thefalls

    Jap big brake kit.
  19. thefalls

    Suzuki cultus forged pistons in 4efte
  20. thefalls

    Ft 86

    Check the video on post #65 What do you all think?