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  1. ChrisGT

    I always end up back on this forum...

    hey guys...anyone still around??
  2. ChrisGT

    lol @ this pic in my photobucket

  3. ChrisGT


    Long time no visit, hows life going over on TGTT? I missed you all muchly.
  4. ChrisGT

    Whats this song?

    Heard it on Kiss. Chorus is "and I've been breaking it down baby". Any ideas? Cheers :D
  5. ChrisGT


    Anyone got one? Mine arrived just now, trying to get it started with my thumb!
  6. ChrisGT

    How to dance to dubstep... lul
  7. ChrisGT

  8. ChrisGT

    I just bought a 306 DTurbo....

  9. ChrisGT

    Need advice on a car!

    Hi lads. I need a new car! Needs to be fairly cheap to insure & run, but maybe a little bit of fun if that's possible! Budget of about £1200-1500 (not much to play with, I'm poor). So far I've been interested in Peugeot 306 GTI-6's but having trouble finding a good example for my price...
  10. ChrisGT

    Various Law Textbooks

    For sale: Various Law Textbooks Item Condition: Unused, as new condition. Price and price conditions: £8 each (or some sort of deal if bought all together) Extra Info: Books available: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Human Rights - Fourth Edition, Ian Loveland Tort...
  11. ChrisGT

  12. ChrisGT

    Pics that say 1000 words
  13. ChrisGT

    *** 2 x exhaust manifolds ***

    For sale: 2 x 4EFTE Exhaust manifolds Item Condition: Used, but good. 1 manifold has a small crack in the collector. Besides that they are fine. Price and price conditions: £25 + 4% PayPal fees Extra Info: Both have 4x turbo studs. Pictures: Contact Details: PM...
  14. ChrisGT

    *** Reflective heat wrap & Heat wrap silicone spray ***

    Just found these two bits in my room. No use to me any more! Will go through my garage at some point. Think I got a few more bits. I know I have 2 x standard exhaust manifolds; if any one is interested drop me a PM. For sale: Reflective heat wrap & Heat wrap silicone spray Item Condition...
  15. ChrisGT

    *** Toyota Starlet GT Turbo ***

    For sale: 1994 Toyota Starlet GT Turbo (EP82) Item Condition: 74,000 miles. 1994 plate. TAX and MOT. Price and price conditions: £2895 Extra Info: Service work Engine overhauled in December 2006 (bill of £1064.) New Turbo Technics CT9A turbo-charger in March 2007 (bill of £700). CAP clutch...
  16. ChrisGT

    *** Racing Hart CP-035 and Speedline alloys ***

    *** Speedline alloys *** For sale: 2 x 15"x6.5" Speedlines Item Condition: Used, but good. Price and price conditions: £60 + offers Extra Info: Tyres not included. Re-sprayed in black, nice looking wheels! Pictures: Contact Details: PM. Location: Berkshire...
  17. ChrisGT

    *** EP82 Black front & rear bumpers ***

    Not in a huge rush, just looking to see if anything is available! Looking for a good condition rear bumper and good condition front bumper. My rear bumper is quite scuffed and needs replacing, and the front has a huge hole in it from where the front exit used to be! Let me know whatya got +...
  18. ChrisGT

    *** rx7 tmic ***

    For sale: FC3S RX-7 Top mount intercooler Item Condition: Used. Price and price conditions: £65 delivered + 4% PayPal fees Extra Info: Good upgrade over stock. I polished it too! :D Ready to fit, using your own rubber hose (one in pic won't be included). Pictures: Contact...
  19. ChrisGT

    White exhaust blades...

    Hi, Took my turbo off today and noticed the exhaust blades and wastegate penny were quite white...what would cause this? My manifold was blowing very badly, could that be anything to do with it? Or does white = lean or something similar. Thanks, Chris.
  20. ChrisGT

    *** CT9 Stainless Manifold ***

    For sale: Old Dave Burwash stainless steel manifold for CT9. Item Condition: Used, need repairs. Please read below. Price and price conditions: £35 delivered + 4% PayPal fees. Extra Info: There are 2 cracks; one around where the 2nd runner joins the head flange and another bigger one where...