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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    Wow! Will this cause a crank no start issue? I snapped off the old coolant temp sensor when I pulled off the head. When I put everything back I replaced the sensor with an aftermarket sensor that looked similar. How can I test? Pictures show my sensors...
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    4EFTE hose diagram needed

    Thanks all, I was able to get the tube connected!
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    4EFTE hose diagram needed

    Thanks, that is helpful! as far as the power steering vacuum lines... does it matter which port each hose connects to on the power steering end?
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    4EFTE hose diagram needed

    Hello, I have a Sera that was swapped with a 4EFTE Starlet motor. I’m trying to put everything together after replacing head gasket and fouls a couple of hoses that I can’t identify. The first is a vacuum hose coming from the underside of the intake manifold and the second is a small tube coming...