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    Sard fpr issues, is it fake?!

    Going to try and keep this basic rather than an essay; just got a nice SARD rrfpr to replace my fse. It's making a weird noise and I've read of others getting this across other cars but the questions popped up on all of them is it actually genuine sard? Here's a car making the same sound...
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    Help me!

    I'm really stumped I have a really nice forged engine which the crank has snapped on causing one of the pauter forged rods to take a slight bend, can anyone tell me what to do? Where to try for a replacement or what? I've emailed pauter but not having much luck!
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    Fuel light not working after removing clocks cluster

    Removed my cluster today to fix a broken odometer and I knocked the fuel needle so I tried repositioning it. Once back in the fuel light decided not to work, strangely the gauge did mess about a few times showing 1/2 tank, it's since dropped slowly to the empty position. The light should...
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    Is it possible to fit climate control in place of a knob heater control?

    As above really, I fancy tidying it up a little with the climate control system instead is this possible/hard? anyone know whats involved?
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    Mileage not going up and the reset-able counter over counting?

    Recently brought a Glanza V with a few little issues, one being the mileage has stopped at 75999 and when I reset the bottom counter it says I've done a lot more mileage than I have? It' been converted to MPH. I don't know if some one could have fiddled with the counter and broken it? Any ideas...
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    Hi/Lo Xenons pain in the backside! Help!!

    Put a set in my mates EP91 on Sunday, had to switch the earth with dipped beam, when you flick over to full beam they flicker out, but when you run them off of a battery source (Wire up ballast to battery) it works without fault! It uses two bulbs one is HID one is a standard Full beam bulb...
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    3 bar MR2 Map sensor?

    Hi there, my friends glanza often comes up with engine management each time it points to MAP sensor, he managed to find a 3 bar one from an MR2 Turbo Rev3, basically once it was plugged in it made the car seem REALLY laggy, but then all of a sudden it pulls like an absolute train! I was just...
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    Glanza front badge

    Hello, I am after the front badge from the preface lift bumper, as the one on the car is looking a little shabby! Thanks!
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    Insurance for a starlet at 19 where do I try?

    Had a starlet Glanza V before and had different financial position back then so paid a lot for insurance. However I am now a year older and have aquired my first NCB. Anyone in a similar position and insuring a starlet gt or V? Looking to spend up to £200 a month really. Cheers!
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    Dd Sat Nav Dvd Headunit Blitz Boost Controller Bride Tacho Twin Pod Gauge Pillar Moun

    For sale: Blitz Dual SBC Boost Controller Item Condition: Stunning. Price and price conditions:£105 Posted (ono maybe) Online payment of some kind or cash Extra Info: Functions as it should, no problems! Pictures: Contact Details: email for quick reply Location: Deal...
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    Insurance claim help required!

    Hi, I recently was borrowing a car, I took it for a clean and hoover out after, I was coming back down the road I was dropping it off on and a car was parking/adjusting and he hit me! Basically he said he wasn't moving and his story does not add up with him saying he drove it then his wife...
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    Standard bits and a few aftermarket extras.

    Paypal payments are not charged. Paypal: Some prices may be open to offers! For sale: Engine wiring loom Item Condition: Wire tucked and no damage. Price and price conditions: £40 posted Extra Info: wires oO Pictures: Contact Details: PM OR TEXT...
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    How much is my K24 Powered ep91 worth?

    Times come to see the back of the modified scene... Cars going! Mainly due to work circumstances. SPECS AS FOLLOW. ENGINE: SARD K24 STAINLESS MANIFOLD SARD K24 2460G TURBO SARD TYPE C2 ADJUSTABLE WASTEGATE (NEW DIAPHRAM AND GASKET) SARD DOWNPIPE (HEATWRAPPED) SARD...
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    Rev gauge boost lights hazards and handbrake light etc doesn't workht

    Since my rev counter has stopped working along with turbo lights and warning lights on the same side as rev counter don't work. Indicators work hazards don't when hazard buttons in indicators won't work I think this problem is all related but what problem tried the 'gauge' fuse under steering...
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    Cruise bonnet or replica. fogs, and aftermarket ecu

    After Cruise bonnet or something and fogs and a ecu of some sort cheers
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    Rev counter and boost lights dead?

    My rev gauge and boost lights are doing nothing I have had the clocks out recently but haven't realized this till now don't know when it began. Gauge fuse is not blown. Open circuit? Anyone got any ideas?
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    bootlid in kent asap (ie. now)

    As per title! Really need one as my windows smashed!
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    My 'luck' hasn't stopped this month...

    Well after my manifold munching my k24, travelling 150 miles to be messed about and calls not answered for a turbo, after shelling out 150 for new tyres blah blah blah.... My car had a brick thrown into the back window last night, for no reason. Following the usual escape path of little...
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    Turbo kit, or kit without turbo. TD04 ect.

    As per title. Need manifold, EWG and downpipe. I would be willing to by a td04 kit bar the turbo as I have found a cheap one. Cheers:homer:
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    How much k24 worth in need of tlc?

    Got a nice spec SARD K24 kit fairly hard to come by... heres the spec. SARD K24 STAINLESS MANIFOLD SARD K24 2460G TURBO SARD TYPE C2 ADJUSTABLE WASTEGATE (NEW DIAPHRAM AND GASKET) SARD DOWNPIPE (HEATWRAPPED) SARD BRAIDED OIL FEED The manifold cracked and a particle went...