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  1. apu

    Need Kind help to Install AC unit on Glanza 5EFTE setup

    Point 1: I have TD05H turbo setup with WickedEP SS manifold with TIAL wastegate and Scrammer, I have also HDI FMIC, now need kind technical help that how can i install AC, to fix the condenser with cooling fan will be an issue? Point 2: I am using Toyo Proxxes 195 55 R15 and using KYB shock...
  2. apu

    Need help for 5E conversion

    I am doing 5E conversion but me piston skirt is Coming out 2 mm below the cylinder liner. is it normal? I am using 5 EFHE block. Pls help me.
  3. apu

    Exhaust manifold too hot and turn to red color

    My car is having problem with the manifold. Its getting red hot. AFR is ok. Tunning is ok. Presently I am having 2.25 inch dia exhaust piping. Do I need to increase the dia of piping ?