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  1. Jay

    Good man :)

    Good man :)
  2. Jay

    ep82 Sills wanted

    In my experience if one side is done the other isn't fair behind it unfortunately.
  3. Jay

    Newbie from cork

    Hello Steve, glad to hear of another EP being saved. Hope the forum proves useful!
  4. Jay


    Sorry to hear of the drama mate. As already mentioned, check for fault codes as it might narrow things down. A cursory check of all the boost and vacuum lines would be recommended too, along with inspection of the plugs. Also what sort of boost is it running?
  5. Jay

    Cool auction finds

    Never heard of Valiant before but here's some random side skirts in Japan:
  6. Jay

    Some track fun

    Used a DAS6 with Sonus pads. Clayed, polished, glazed with Black Hole, sealed then a coating of G3 on top. Finished with Anachem Hybrid as a cherry on top. Needed the exercise!
  7. Jay

    Some track fun

    Did I just detail a £600 scrapper? Yes indeed I did.. In truth I needed to practice on something before attacking the Caldina with a buff. So now that's done I can soldier on :)
  8. Jay

    Con artist

    Give it another go..
  9. Jay

    Con artist

    Here Fitz stick all the screenshots in this thread please. The other threads got cleaned when I hit the spam hammer button.
  10. Jay


    Binging the Last Kingdom and Still Game atm.
  11. Jay

    Master G

    Here Skiny, remember that stupid big SUV that made your GT look slow a while back? Yeah, that'll be the 2GR :p
  12. Jay

    Master G

    Those are powered with a 2GR aren't they? Cracker of an engine.
  13. Jay

    Rally Starlets

    Was looking info on EP71 brakes and happened upon this site: Which then got me reading about rallying results and this article: Nice to see that Greece has been racing them for years and...
  14. Jay

    Con artist

    Is this the same boyo:
  15. Jay

    Brake splash plates.

    Yeah, glanza ones will fit.
  16. Jay

    Ct12 as an upgrade of the CT9

    I've no first hand experience on the CT12 but fairly sure there's a few variations of it so be careful it suits a 4EFTE manifold. Don't remember it being a large power upgrade (they were used on the EP71's iirc) but the impellors have been used to modify CT9's over the years.
  17. Jay

    4efte manual

    Looks like our upload limit is 11mb. Let me flag it with Dylan. Takes Super-Admin to mess around with that sort of thing plus it affects server space too so wouldn't want to cause issues elsewhere.
  18. Jay

    Morning all. I'm a returning noobie

    Welcome aboard Henry, looks a great example :cool: Hope the site proves useful.
  19. Jay

    4efte manual

    Hmm it worked.. The japanese 4efte manual I was sent in 2018 appears to be too big for upload though (31.8mb)
  20. Jay

    4efte manual

    Tried a 5efe pdf I had on my phone, hopefully it attached okay. *All copyrights and full props belong to Toyota