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  1. Dearmo

    Gt Advance Decals

    Well lads, can anyone recommend where I can lay my hands on the side decals for my Gt advance? Cheers
  2. Dearmo

    Cat for EP82

    Looking for a stock Cat for an EP82? Has anyone a suggestion of similar size cat element that can be welded into my own, cheers.
  3. Dearmo

    EP82 parts..

    Lads, I'm looking for the cover that's located above the the clutch and below the electric mirror adjustment that covers the fuses, if anyone can help. I'm also looking for boot liner for the car, cheers.
  4. Dearmo

    EP82 passenger window motor

    EP82 passenger window motor
  5. Dearmo

    Gt Advance?

    Hello all, I'm new to can I be sure my car is a genuine GT Advance not just a gt turbo with its bumpers painted?