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    tuning at cruising

    guys just want to ask, on what gear you actually tune your afr on cruising? some would say 2nd, 3rd or 4th. can any one shed some light on this? thanks
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    optimal afr for economy

    hi guys just wan to ask whats the best idle afr that we could dial in for economy? how low can we go? car has stock internal except for 5e cams, for fueling it has a 4agze injectors and supra fuel pump w/ safc thanks
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    bleeding from map sensor to increase fc

    came across reading this article. can anyone tell me if its safe to use it? target boost 1 bar fueling- safc2, supra fuel pump tuned w/ iinovate wideband any info regard this mod would be a great help:rockon:
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    estimate whp

    guys whats the estimate whp figures for this set up? currently chasing 200whp. inputs would be a great help. reps will be added. thanks here specs standard 1300cc engine slightly ported head 5efhe cams ct9/12 hybrid turbo at 1 bar 1ggte ct12 custom built garret actuator for the turbo sps...
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    selective 1.5 way- 2 way diff

    any one encountered this type of diff? i heard trd have made one of these. anyone knows on how to adjust or select locking. thanks rep
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    rear end knocking

    heard some knocking noise when i hit humps or bumpy roads. what could be the possible problems? here are some details of my car cusco coilovers stock panhard rod oem rear bush
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    3.5 bar fuel pressure

    hi there. can stock injectors handle 3.5 bar of fuel pressure? but on the other hand will be using safc2 to trim the excess fuel. i really appreciate your replies thanks
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    pls identifiy this thermostat

    got tjis one form a wrecker and i dont know if its stock or aftermarket and theres no brand stamped on it. thanks for your confirmation here are some pics for reference
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    garret actuators

    anyone knows whats the pressure rating of this actuator to open?
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    safc 2 knock setting

    whats the ideal knock settings of safc on a 4efte engine? knock rpm1 knock rpm 2
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    faulty intake sensor?

    hi. just want to ask if how many ohms is the resistance of intake temperature sensor at normal operating temp? my cel throw-ed code 24 the other night after thrashing the car out. checked the resistance at normal operating temp its 960 ohms thanks
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    fan size for civic radiator

    planning to get a fan for my civic radiator what would be the best fan size for this rad? ill probably get the slim it enough to cool the radiator?
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    hows my comopression test result?

    we just did a compression test yesterday results are 150 psi on all cylinders.
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    pcv valve venting to the atmosphere

    i know ins some state venting pcv valve is illegal due to emission blah blah bla. but is it ok to gut the pcv ang let it vent to the atmosphere then cap the inlet manifold? i dont have oil catch can at the moment
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    slight idling problem

    my idle fluctuates, safc reads 50-80 rpm up and down. checked the vac lines cleaned the pcv valve cleaned the idle control valve cleaned the throttle body check the earth changed to a new battery still no luck what could be the possible problem?
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    whats this?

    whats this relay? its M14 stamped and located above my ecu. whats the purpose of this relay? here are some shots
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    power window help

    few weeks ago my power windows on passenger side are playing up intermittently that sometimes i cant control it w/ the power window master switch. but on the passenger side switch its fully controllable. no problems when opening or closing it using the passenger side switch. what could be the...
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    ep82 electric motor relay?

    ep82 electric window motor relay? guys where could i find the electric window relay/fuse for ep82? coz there was a time that the window would not respond when the switch is pressed
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    turbo oil feed line Q

    guys. might be making a custom turbo oil feed/ return line. just want to ask if how long would be the hose or line from the 19 banjo bolt going to the main flange?
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    gt advance and glanza gearboxes

    do gt advance and glanza have the same gearbox?