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    spark plugs

    hello all i want to ask about the heat range for the spark plugs . what is the difference between as example sk20r11 sk24r11 what is the best heat range if i want to run more boost ? more boost more need high heat range plugs ?
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    Lsd gearbox oil

    HELLO ALL i want to ask about factory lsd gearbox oil 75 W90 will be ok ? and about the manufacture toyota oil or motul or liqui moly ?
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    miss fire

    hi all i have miss fire when the rev reaches 5000 and its keep missfiring for a while then disappear then keep missfiring even at low rpm . at idel there is no missfiring and i noticed that the rpm fluctuate from 3000 up to 8000 . and there is no check engine light .
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    im planing to change my hybrid ct9-ct12 turbo to td04 one , the question is ..... whats the different between tdo4 from subaro and mitsubishi ? i bought tdo4 mitsubishi 1800 cc gsr turbo .
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    cover breather

    hi all i did change the rocker cover and its from 4EFE , the difference as you know is the breather port location and size , as the 4EFE breather port diameter is smaller than the 4EFTE one is there liability for any problems ?
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    engine problem

    hi all ... i am running 4efte with FMIC , HKS spark plugs , HKS actuator and boost up to 0.7 bar , i did change the engine before 2 months ago , every thing was ok , starting from last week i had i problem , engine runs normal and at 2100 - 2600 rpm i feel that somthing wrong in the engine , rpm...
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    unusual white smoke

    dear all i have the white smoke problem and i did read many of your posts about the same problem . and this is what happining to my car : when the rev is 4k or more ( at the 5th gear) and i remove my foot from the pedal when the rev reaches between 3k and 2k , when put my foot at pedal again...
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    panhard rod

    need some help .... i have adjustable panhard rod , and my car is lowered so i need to long or short the panhard rod ?
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    Golf Gti rotors and calipers ... need some help

    hello guys i almost finished my break upgrade and it is golf gti break rotors and calipers , but i see something that the location of the break caliper moved down , so any thing will happen (lost some break power ) or any suggestion . sorry i tried to upload a draw picture to explain but i...
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    hello all

    hello all ppl im not new to this site but maybe this is the 1st time i wrote here my name is Ahmad and im from jordan . i have starlet ep91 and it was non turbo and i swaped it , i like this site because there is alot of information i have some new things and i wish to help you and if...
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    fuel type , octane 95 or 90 ?

    hi all , can any one tell me which fuel will be better to the engine fuel with octane 95 or 90 ? im using 95 octane but it is very expensive so i want to try octane 90 . what is the desadvantge of octane 90 ?
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    break jam

    hi all ... i had a break jam (rear ) from time to time so i checked every thing and all normal except one thing .. that i have one hand break cabel longer than the other one could it be the problem ?
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    FMIC pipes diameter

    hello all , im running 1.3 turbo and i would like to upgrade my standered intercooler to FMIC . i had hks accuatoer , hks spark plugs ,down pipe or de cat and im running 0.8 bar so i want to know what is the best diameter for the intercooler pipes ?
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    radiator cap

    hey all , i changedmy gt radiator and put honda civic radator the question is there is numbers writen at the radiator cap like ( honda cap 1.1 and toyotas 0.6) what that numbers mean ?
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    turbo problem

    hi all , i have turbo seal problem , and i think the problem is from the thermostat becouse every time i change the thermo ( at winter time ) i have the smoke at idel problem , so i want to ask is there any procedure for thermostat instalation ? gude pin or direction or any thing like that ?
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    turbo balance

    hi all , i wanna hybrid ct9 to ct12 so i just wana to ask , i saw in hybrid forms there is something peopel do caled turbo balance . i want to know what is that ? and what gonna hapen if i didnt do turbo balance ?
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    rear break bleeding

    hi all , i have problem at the handbreak so i think the problem from wrong bleeding of the rear break , can any one help me how to bleed the break , i mean bleed the break with handbreak set or relased ?
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    external waste gate

    can you tell me what is the advantge of the external waste gate ?
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    hey all , i had ct9 on my 4efte so what do u think about ct12 on 4efte? i had down pipe hks acuater ngk spark plugs and im runing 0.8 bar ? what would be change with the ct12 is it better ? lagging ?
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    civic with 4efte

    hello all , any one tried to swap honda civic engine with 4efte ? or any links can help ? we did swap for opel kadet and it was very nice and now we want to swap the civic engine any ideas ?