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    3SGTE start up: A closer look.

    Some say what they see if photochopped, well watch this vid and see how photochopped it is.
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    Here they are, 1000HP axels for my 3SGTE

    My custom axels were ready to pickup today, so i did just that. To those that dont know, these are custom built 4140 high tensile steel axels for my 3SGTE starlet, 5 stud setup. These axels are 29.6mm, and have been nitrided. So when i build the engine to like 500HP, i wont be worried about...
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    Worlds 1st 5 stud conversion Ep82 Starlet

    Here it is, the worlds 1st 5 stud converted Ep82 Starlet. I had to do it so i can accomodate the 29mm new axels and hubs to suite for the CV's. here is the whole process >
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    How much HP can driveshafts and cv's handle

    How much HP can standard starlet gt shafts and cv joints handle. here is the complete conversion >
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    My standard 3sgte conversion

    Pretty much the final result of the install. Wiring the efi side of it and the rest is complete. Its ready to be started shortly, just gotta get a accessory belt. This is the best, standard 3sgte conversion in s starlet GT ever. I mounted the resisters on a better plate to aid heat...
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    My 3SGTE conversion webpage

    My 3SGTE conversion can be seen here: Im the newest person to do this and will be the BEST example you have ever seen.
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    Engine smoking: Whats causing it

    The exhaust ports are saturated with oil. leaking stem seals or guides a great possibility. But what is causing the oil combustive smoke. In the video, is it piston rings related on the oil control side? If i were to holds revs, it will smoke like a soombich. So it will smoke very easy. Can...
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    How strong are Glanza rods

    Can they take a serious flogging, lets say 10psi allday everyday. How much boost would you want these to be pushing max.
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    Pistons or valve stem seals????????

    If it was valve stem seals, all 4 exhuast ports should be heavily oil fouled. The entire port exit is saturated. Only a small weep in piston 1 and 3. So what do you reckon people.
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    Engine VS Power choice

    For a street car, what would be the best option overall. Small 4efte engine with bolt ons to make big boost, or a big heavy donk like a 3SGTE with minimal mods to do same. 3SGTE = Heavy, but its 2 litres. And should go very fast. I dont know which to choose. Cos there would have to...
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    Halfcut questions: The most simple question ever

    Whats the difference between a ep82 front cut and a ep91 front cut. Is the engine in a glanza more powerfull, if so, BY what, bigger turbo or bigger injectors or better head flowing or cams. What makes the glanza engine or front cut so special. Can i fit a 4efte engine out of a glanza...
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    Is this engine block salvagable
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    2 done, 2 to go

    If you remember, i have replaced number 4 piston due to cracking last year, ONLY that piston with a new one, all parts from Toyota. This was done at 198*** kays. Car now has 203***, kays, and its bulletproof to say the least. This time round after deadly jack hammer sounding detonation, i'm...
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    Another fuel injector conversion question

    I have a Microtech LTS8 ecu, running to my knowledge standard injectors. Now if i want to run 7MGTE or 3SGTE injectors, can it be a direct swap, and my ecu will work perfectly, or is there a risk. RE: Low/High impedance injectors etc. Would i need a resistor for each injector. Are the two...
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    Parker light system fail

    Parker lights and dash cluster background light not working. Just recently, i removed the heater/cooling fan from under the dash + aircon box and heater box. Now the parker light system fuse blows everytime i get it activated. Wiring from engine bay loom to parker light plugs are 100%...
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    TheStarletGT's power and racing history specification

    I have some fantasting news. I have found some really good history of my car, here are some facts. 14.1 @ 13psi 182.9HP with a slipping clutch 13.2 @107MPH at 20psi boost (140kw). Last made 140kws on the dyno. 1:17 seconds Wakefield park lap time I have got these specs after reading...
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    Steel intake conversion

    Would like to know what people think about a custom mild steel intake manifold setup. Would 2-3mm of steel be better than 7mm of thick aluminium. Why isnt it done, what, heat retention? When you look at it, the heat only has 3mm of metal to hold as opposed to like 7mm of cast aluminium. I...
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    Glanza model is all shit talk and no difference

    I hear many times people saying how powerfull a toyota glanza model is. I see a few times were people buy and fit glanza front cuts/ engines in their ep82 etc. There is nothing improved in the glanza model in the power department.\ The glanza is just a toyota starlet life body with a full...
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    Get rid of the bloody thing

    I'm talking about the starlet GT pictures in the top banner. Get rid of it, its laggy as fuck to the forum. No need to have constant picture changes, we know what gt's look like. No need for a picture lagging slide show. Just one STATIC picture is fine.
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    The dodgey intercooler pipe sealing

    The following pics below is of my intercooler system as done by the previous owner. As you can see, the previous owner did a bodgey ass job of sealing. On the turbo outlet side,there is a 3 inch silicone hose joining a 2.5 inch metal pipe that joins to the 2 1/4 inch intercooler pipe inlet...