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    Used and new parts for sale

    Hey guys I have not been on the site for a while but I recently sold my car and have some parts for sale. I live in Barbados so the buyer will have to pay for shipping costs. Parts for sale: 3G 10 Groove brake discs front new ($200.00 USD) - SOLD Braided brake lines new ($150.00 USD) HKS...
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    Engine problem/ low revs

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing fine. Thought the site was down. I have an issue with my Gt that is quite puzzling, the car recently is not revving pass 3k or 4k rpm in 1st to 3rd gears and when driving acceleration is very slow. I did a diagnostic test and detected nothing, check plugs and...
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    Short Radiator

    Do anyone have a short radiator for sale new? The short civic like radiators that Sacha use to sell.
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    GT turbo emblem - front grill

    Do anyone have or know where I can source the GT emblem for the quadlights grill? Thanks.
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    WTB: Race spec valve cover

    Interested in purchasing one of these valve covers, pm or reply with details. Thanks.
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    OEM Rear Strut Brace

    I am looking for an OEM rear triangle shaped strut brace, anyone who has one or know of any for sale please reply or pm with info, thanks.
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    WTB: Clear Cambelt Cover

    As topic states interested in buying a clear cambelt cover. sps or similar style one for an EP82 engine.
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    FS: TD04 Stainless Steel Manifold

    For sale: TD04 Stainless Steel Manifold Item Condition: Used for 5 months Price and price conditions: $350.00 USD shipped anywhere in the World Extra Info: No cracks, just discoloration. Pictures: Contact Details: Pm message me or reply here Location: Barbados Delivery &...
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    Oil light constantly on??

    Hey guys, ok car light oil light is on from the time I swing the car key...just burning constant not blinking nothing. Reasons?? I was thinking oil unit gone bad?? No the engine is not low on oil or has any oil leaks.
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    Fluctuating temperature ???

    My temperature needle keeps fluctuating, sometimes way below cold any time of the day but it always remains below the half way mark, last time I had this problem I got my radiator clean and it was ok till now and that was like 2 1/2 months ago. What could be the cause?? The radiator always...
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    Computer keystroke logger??

    Hey guys, any of your all have any reputable sites that I can download a keystroke logger from, I need one that can record msn/live messenger messages on my pc as well as other activity.
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    TD04 Manifold

    For sale: Stainless Steel TD04 Manifold Speedvision Item Condition:Slightly used(less than two weeks) Price and price conditions:$375.00 USD shipped Extra Info: Pictures: Contact Details:Pm or reply here Location:Barbados...
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    Sacha U R Wanted Asap!!!!!

    Hey Sacha, what's happening I have been trying to reach for ages now, so please contact me or reply here when u have time.
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    Where is Sacha???

    Hey Sacha, where r u bro, need to get hold of you asap!!!
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    Manifold, Turbo bolts recommendations!!

    Ok changing to a bigger turbo what kind or type of bolts your all guys normally would use for manifold, manifold to turbo and nuts for downpipe? I guess you will need ones that can sustain that large amount of heat generated from these parts.....any recommendations??
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    Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer (English Manual )

    Do any of your all guys have the greddy full auto turbo timer english manual?
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    DIY Thread on Headgasket removal and valve seals???

    Anyone have the detail knowledge on how to change headgasket and valve seals? Probably putting up a How to thread would be nice:cool::cool:
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    Engine Problems!!!!

    Ok guys couple of weeks ago, I changed my pistons, rings and conrod bearings all standard parts. Well current stock turbo is worn and had smoke occasionally before rebuilt, got back car like two weeks it drove well for about 5 days and then started smoking heavily when idling, it spoke on...
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    WTB: EP82 Gearshift boot ( gaitor)

    I need the gearshift boot bag for an EP82, one that is in excellent condition, thanks
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    WTB: CT-9 Turbo Lines ( standard or braided )

    Interested in buying the water and oil lines( this include the large L-shaped one that goes from the turbo the the sump), the lines can be used or new and their are for the CT-9 turbo(Toyota Starlet Turbo EP82) as stated, I need these asap so anyone with info please pm me or reply here thanks...