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    Rolla Mani in Starlet

    Hi all, was going to change the starlet to rolla mani in the sportif but noticed there as a ground stud on the back of the starlet mani but noticed there was no place for it on the rolla one. Any help would be much appreciated Matthew Ruddock
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    Burning Smell

    Hi all, I was changing the intake mani on the starlet to the corolla mani, but ran out of time to do it and had to keep the standard mani on. I have noticed a burning smell coming from this area. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Starlet sportif clock swap.

    Hi all, looking to put white paseo clocks in my starlet sportif with no tacho. I have compare the wiring diagram for both cars and have identified which pins need to be swapped over but my main question is the paseo clocks have a pin known as tacho pulse from ECU. Is the a wire which goes...
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    Corolla manifold

    Hi all, Looking to do the standard N/A starlet mods so putting on the Corolla tubular manifold and wondering can anyone point me in the direction of the gasket needed to be used. Any help would be much appreciated
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    Custom Back Box

    Hi all, looking to get a Custom Back Box made for the N/A Starlet. Does anyone know where the best place in Northern Ireland to get this done? I have mixed read reviews on Power Flow. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    starlet coilovers

    Hi all, I'm looking for coilovers for a starlet. what makes are good. Need to be good enough for road use. Any recommendations?
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    starlet clutch

    hi all, My N/A ep91 starlet is experiencing some issues. When putting the car into gear, there is a grinding noise. it happens in 1st, 2nd ,3rd. 4th and 5th are ok. when putting it into reverse there is also a grinding noise. I feels as if the clutch is not releasing. also the gears don't...
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    Engine noise

    Hi all, My ep91 N/A starlet (4efe), there is a rattling noise coming from the engine. The noise isn't coming directly from the engine. Its coming from the alternator area. Any help on this issue would be much appreciated. Matthew Ruddock
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    ep91 exhaust

    Hi all, I am looking to get some nice noise from the N/A starlet and thinking of putting on a backbox. I'm not looking to spend to much money so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.
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    Idle problem

    Hi all, my 96 starlet ep91 has a high idle which I can't get down, checked for vacuum leaks. Doesn't have any. so when the car is warm the idle is high a d cold is lower. I disconnected the IAC and the idle dropped to where it should be so got another IAC and put it on, which didn't do anything...
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    toyota starlet

    Hi all, I have a 96 Toyota starlet ep91, with a 4efe engine and looking to tune it up a bit, I am looking to change the intake manifold to a corolla (the tubular one) one and putting a cold air intake on it. was looking to know if it would cause any problems and what air intake to use.
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    I have a noise coming from the underneath of my 96 starlet ep91. At first I thought it was the exhaust trailing across the road but checked the pipes and all are solid. Then thought the catalytic converter was damaged but I don't think it is as I tapped it with a rubber hammer and no rattling...
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    Coolant flush

    Hi all In looking to do a full coolant fluah, I have drained my radiator at got about a litre and a half of dirty coolant. Correct me if I'm wrong but the coolant system holds 4.4 litres so where is the rest of the coolant. Is there a drain in the engine block to drain this coolant. Can I...
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    Starlet wheels

    I have a standard starlet ep91 (no turbo) and was looking to put a set of alloy wheels on it. I found a set of 4x100 and 7inch wide. My question is, is 7 inch too wide that it will stick out the side
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    Toyota starlet heater problem

    Hi all, I have a 1996 Toyota starlet ep91 and the heater does not work. the heater only blows cold air, don't think it is the blower motor or the blower resistor as all fan speeds work. The two pipes which go from the engine through the firewall into the car are both hot which I think means...