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    Hello old family

    Hey guys been a while I just got an old Facebook memory and the feels are strong. Gutted I sold the ol girl so much good times. I hope all are well!
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    Super Car Rally

    I was sitting on my deck a few weeks ago an saw a ton of supercars driving up the highway a mind blowing amount to be honest. I jumped in my truck and followed to a town a half hour away ended up at an airport. Snuck into the event pretty much all Asian kids it was incredible was like a child...
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    New posts not working?

    Is the new post button not working? Keep getting an error 404. Its affecting my daily lurking.
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    Undelete my for sale thread

    Hey dudes could you undelete my for sale thread cheers. Not sure if undelete is even a word haha.
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    Nice spec 300bhp+ 99 Glanza gauging interest forged standalone ihi turbo etc.

    For sale: 99 Glanza Item Condition: Very good Price and price conditions: 6500 pound Extra Info:throwing this out there which kinda saddens me but its lying up too which is a bit of a waste. Its been lying up a good while and the new tax laws have it declared off the road so its not been...
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    Any crazy builds going on?

    As above or has it all been done to death at this stage? Only two that spring to mind lately are Zisco's and Gee's. Links would be sweet if you know any.
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    Antzillas car on S/H

    Scroll down Video on track
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    GT with tezza lights

    Just spotted this still unsure what to think tbh.
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    Paid subscription

    This took 20 bucks off me again not sure why it does that done the same last year?
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    Sweet Glanza vid The sad truth of what they are these days what a retard tbh.
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    Turbo encabulator

    Anybody using one?
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    Opinions on what laptop to buy?

    Need something for my travels have a 500 deutschmark budget dudes any ideas and info would be great. Cheers laddys.
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    255 LPH UPRATED FUEL PUMP for sale

    ITEM: 255 LPH UPRATED FUEL PUMP DESCRIPTION: Uprated fuel pump CONDITION:Used but perfect works 100% EXTRA INFO: A must when upping the boost imo good to be safe as most of the pumps in the starlets are more than 10+ years old PRICE: 50 euros delivered PICTURE: LOCATION...
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    Rocket bunny FRS/GT86/BRZ

    Would love this with turbo setup
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    Car is pretty much done and running sweet

    Project is pretty much done taken years off my life I'd say it was a slow and stressful at times build all 5 years of it. Happy as a pig in sh!t with it now so just going to enjoy and maintain while I'm here got it mapped last week thanks to Chris as usual goes great. I'm leaving for Canada so...
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    Google and facebook analytics watching everything?

    Just noticed my AVG blocking this stuff I'm not even on facebook as its a load of bollocks but my girlfriend uses it on my computer. Any suggestions on how to stop facebook and skynet sorry google watching everything? I wouldnt be big on pcs but think I blocked google analytics in hosts on the...
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    98/99 Glanza rear lights F/S

    ITEM: 98/99 lights DESCRIPTION: 98/99 rear lights full units CONDITION: Good slight wee chip on left on as seen in the pic EXTRA INFO: as above :) PRICE: 100 Deutsche Marks delivered ono PICTURE: LOCATION: Sligo DELIVERY TERMS: will be posted insured tracked and traced...
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    Thermal intake gasket?

    Have my inlet off was thinking of getting one saying its off. Been looking at a lot of opinions anybody use one and have or know of any proven results like drop in temperatures etc. Dont want to buy one if it does feck all as there are pricey for what they are.
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    Johnny_C spotted

    Spotted dude finally back on the road top man got a quick pic too saying we all forgot what it looks like. Have to say it looks better than ever.
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    Halfrauds lightweight racing battery

    Got one of these today great piece of kit stuck it in the boot nice and small great weight savings from it got a pack of them for peanuts. Perfect for the track days:cool: