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  1. TylerGlanza

    Cool auction finds

    Also saw this. Couldnt really work out why would would do it unless running a modified sump. Or the car has a really high ride height for rallying and your trying to drop the engine a little?
  2. TylerGlanza

    Glanza V wanted!

    should have a red 98 spec for sale here in the next few months depending on how long your happy to wait.
  3. TylerGlanza

    Brake Pedal Spring

    Have one here if needed, drop me a pm if you get stuck
  4. TylerGlanza

    Ignition barrel, auto to manual swap

    Thanks for that, ive seen the cable going up to it, but havent looking into it to see whats what with it yet. Should be tackling the box side of things this week so wanted to be somewhat prepared. Ive already fitted the master cylinder and lines just preparing myself for the next phase! If...
  5. TylerGlanza

    Ignition barrel, auto to manual swap

    Currently midway through an auto to manual swap on my 1996 reflet x. Ive got everything lined up, the only question i have no answer too is regarding the ignition barrel. Something to do with the lockout where it only lets you take the key out in park. Ive seen vague descriptions on how to...
  6. TylerGlanza

    Thermostat housing spare bung thread size

    I saw a post on facebook by sefton and he said it was this. I screenshotted it for reference but youve said m16x1.5 wont fit?
  7. TylerGlanza

    Cool auction finds

    i see this and couldnt work it out. Any photos in the archives of one of these fitted?
  8. TylerGlanza

    ‘No Smoking’ Ashtray sticker

    For sale: ‘No Smoking’ Ashtray Sticker Item Condition: New Price and price conditions: £15 posted uk mainland. Paypal + 4% or bank transfer. Extra Info: ‘No Smoking’ ashtray sticker usually found on ashtrays that have the velvet liner for non smoking purposes. Optional item for the ep82/...
  9. TylerGlanza

    Genuine Snow Chain set

    Love that, very tempting
  10. TylerGlanza

    Looking for Glanza Sump and Rocker Cover

    I have a bare 4efte rocker cover here I would look to sell as its taking up space. Was vapour blasted so looks brand new, pm me if interested
  11. TylerGlanza

    Ep82 Floor pan differences

    Im looking for some photos of the underside of an ep82 so i can compare with an ep91. Ive managed to pick up some floor pan plates which were listed for an ep82 but im hoping the ep91 is very similar if not the same. So if anyone has some post em up in here!
  12. TylerGlanza

    Mpg figures.

    Long run in the glanza will see nearly 40mpg, Otherwise mid 30’s. My Reflet which is an auto see’s 40+ all the time no matter how you drive it. Would probs be better if it was manual.
  13. TylerGlanza

    Re-Circ bung?!

    Theres a few variants, im not too sure on the differences though. I would like to have picked one up with the adapter to fit the standard intake but it seemed impossible. I actually have another which is also different.
  14. TylerGlanza

    Re-Circ bung?!

    Recently blanked mine off with some carbon fibre sheeting trimmed and drilled to fit.
  15. TylerGlanza

    Some Toyota bulletins

    surprised you havent learnt to read it after all these years lol
  16. TylerGlanza


    Just finishing up on ozark! Really enjoyed it!
  17. TylerGlanza

    Some Toyota bulletins

    Great find jay, certainly some interesting facts in there’
  18. TylerGlanza

    Some track fun

    Awesome! Cheap fun for sure! I keep seeing more and more people getting into mr2’s as track toys!
  19. TylerGlanza

    Front speakers

    Most 10cm speakers for the dash are under £30 for something with sensible wattage. I changed mine for pioneer ones but already had some old autobacs items fitted from its life in japan. So when i changed i didnt notice any difference. :(