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    Questions about fuel cuts and speed limiter

    Hello. I have a 4efte glanza with a boost controller on it. I've seen boost up to 0.95 and then have a fuel cut and from what some friends of mine have told me, on stock ecu the fuel cut is at 0.75 or sth like that. Basically a lot lower than what I get. So at first I thought there is some kind...
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    Boost-Hp capabilities of stock engine vs with forged ONLY conrods

    Hello! I was going through some other threads and read some said you could run max 1.2 bar on stock engine with a ct9 turbo. I was curious if they meant stock engines. Anyway. I wanted to know where are the safe zone with stock engines vs with forged conrods both with a tdo4 hybrid and a stock...
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    See-through timing belt cover.

    Hello everyone. I've found online a clear timing belt cover but it was only the upper piece, which covers the cam gear. Does anyone know if there is a company or someone than makes both pieces? I want to have a clear cover at the crank polley as well. Thank you!
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    CT9 2.5" Downpipe

    Hello. Do you know if there are any "production" 2.5" downpipes for the ct9 turbo? I was thinking of buying one online because making it might be a lot more expensive. Thank you.
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    What do you need to make 200hp on a 4efte.

    Hello everyone. I recently got a starlet (glanza swap) with a 4efte, and I was looking into what do I need to make safely 200hp out of it and will try to do so with the least amount of money. Im not talking free, but would prefer to not open the block and change rod and genreally internals. Can...