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  1. Sam44

    Cool video

  2. Sam44

    Fantastic unknown setup.

    I found this on the you tube. Can any 1 tell me anything about this car. I'm after a Dyno graph of full setup if possible.
  3. Sam44

    Camshaft options for the 4e Toyota engine + valve spring options.

    As per the title. What available and what's needed to run these options in the 4e engine + bucket and valve spring options. Thanks as always for your advice and knowledge.
  4. Sam44

    COROLLA tubular inlet manifold.

    As per the title I'm after the corolla tubular inlet manifold, if any 1 can help me. I'm going to run this allowing me to run the turbo inlet cam improving the rpm power output from base to 5krpm where the turbo cam configuration starts to drop off.
  5. Sam44

    Radiator caps to fit original radiator

    Does anybody know if this cosworth 1bar+ pressure cap fits the OEM radiator. Plus any other types people have and are running preferably track tested.
  6. Sam44

    Mpg figures.

    Time for a request from myself. Im not really after a discussion on this as to how, or why. rather just real world facts on setups and fuel usage over a months running. But please feel free to add your opinion. Things to list: time of year (month), engine setup and boost pressure with ems...
  7. Sam44

    Twin pump fuel supply

    Hi all this is my first post so here goes. I've searched this subject on here and could find any results, if it has been covered in the past. I've been researching just how far the fuel system has to be developed to provide good fuel delivery rates (pressure and flow volume), and at what power...
  8. Sam44

    Hello all

    I'm Sam I've got a UK cd ep91 that's been turbo converted running a tdo4 hyb. Pictures to follow.