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    Passanger door handle

    Has any one or braking a glanza which I could buy the passanger outer door handle money waiting
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    what exhaust mani is this ????

    Found a exhaust mani but I do know what make it is ..... it has a chekerd flag plaque on the number 1 branch of it can anyone help ????
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    harness question

    Can people put pictures of there harness mounting points preferably the lap staps on here please much appreciated.
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    what hid kit to get ??

    What hid kit would people recomend getting only 5000k kit
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    spark plug issues

    What spark plugs should i get for 0.9 bar boost need to know asap cars missing really bad ?!?!
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    Key blade required

    looking for a genuie ep91 starlet blank key blade if possible please ???
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    ecu question ???

    hello everybody i looking to get a blitz/jam ecu coz i dont want to go big big bhp but i have a hks PFC F-CON unit and a HKS FCD is this a problem what do i need to do to make it properly ???
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    oem strut brace trims

    as of above im looking for the oem strut brace side trims (the one that go on the top mounts)
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    EBC grooved disc problems

    hello everyone silly question but has anyone had problems with ebc sports grooved discs ie being out of balance because or being warped from brand new ???
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    strange exhaust question

    hello everyone strange question but has any one had an blitz nur spec s and then custom made an centre section if so how was it ???
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    glanza rear strut brace

    Hello people Has anybody got a mint rear optional extra strut brace in the london area or willing to post ??? Thanks
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    Whats brakes

    what the best brakes for fast road use without changing to big brakes convertion
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    tyre option ???

    whats peoples opinion on toyos R1-R for everyday fast road use ???
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    Sainsbury big meet

    West london car collective is meeting at Lombardy Retail Park. Coldharbour Lane.*HAYES MIDDLESEX. UB3 3EX been a few times as im a local the last couple of times its been packed from dubs to jdm let me know daniel
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    intercooler problem

    Good evening every one i have fitted my hdi fmic and i have seemed to have lost 0.2 bar boost on high boost only but have gained 0.1 bar at low any ideas ???
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    ep91 wiring diagram

    Has anybody got a wiring diagram for the electical window for an 1998 glanza Please help
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    window switches

    I neeeeeeed some driver window switches
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    fuel gauge issues

    good evening people today i went to fill my car up on fuel seeing the warning light came on. brimmed it and went and paid came back to my car and found the light still on. the needle has gone over the full mark so im wondering if it cant see the fuel level on the potentiometer i wonder ...
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    laguna splitter ???

    does anybody got or know of any body got a laguna splitter for sale ???
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    what is and what does it do ????

    HKS PFC F-Con what is and what does it do ???? and is it ny good ???