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  1. TylerGlanza

    Some Toyota bulletins

    surprised you havent learnt to read it after all these years lol
  2. TylerGlanza


    Just finishing up on ozark! Really enjoyed it!
  3. TylerGlanza

    Some Toyota bulletins

    Great find jay, certainly some interesting facts in there’
  4. TylerGlanza

    Some track fun

    Awesome! Cheap fun for sure! I keep seeing more and more people getting into mr2’s as track toys!
  5. TylerGlanza

    Front speakers

    Most 10cm speakers for the dash are under £30 for something with sensible wattage. I changed mine for pioneer ones but already had some old autobacs items fitted from its life in japan. So when i changed i didnt notice any difference. :(
  6. TylerGlanza

    Wanted Fujitsubo legalis R exhaust system

    Id highly recommend getting a custom one made to suit your needs. Can get v band options, full stainless so it will never rot out, silencers to suit your needs and theyre not as expensive as you think. No jdm points but they can still look amazing! Also if you run a floor brace like i do, off...
  7. TylerGlanza

    Oxygen O2 Lambda Sensor

    Mines the same, noticed it mainly since the decat was fitted where it will just randomly pop lol
  8. TylerGlanza

    Oxygen O2 Lambda Sensor

    4efte and 4efe lambda sensors are different. My oem lambda was seized in my cat so when i went decat i ran it without for a while and it ran the same. Have an aftermarket one from ebay now and its no different to be honest.
  9. TylerGlanza

    Arc bov

  10. TylerGlanza

    parts for sale

    Orange indicators for an ep91? Any photos?
  11. TylerGlanza

    Mani and decat comparsament

    Definitely an interesting topic, i have a hybrid ct9 ready to go on mine if/ when i ever get it mapped which im really interested on seeing the results.
  12. TylerGlanza


    Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire, find us on facebook or instagram under Platinum Paintworks
  13. TylerGlanza


    If you havent already found somewhere, it is a service i can offer :) currently got a figaro in for this very treatment.
  14. TylerGlanza


    As said above, depends how far you wanna go, personally id give it a good wash off underneath, using tfr or some strong cleaner. Wheels off, bumpers off, wheel arch liners off, skirts off, all to allow full coverage. Really cleaning out all the small crevices, arch lips, behind arch liners, fuel...
  15. TylerGlanza


    Those calipers just look awesome, money well spent
  16. TylerGlanza

    Arc bov

  17. TylerGlanza

    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    If it helps, i could upload photos from my iphone 6 but not my 8 :po_O lol
  18. TylerGlanza

    Double Din to Single Din Head Unit

    Thats an aftermarket one, see allot of addzest stuff on jdm cars, speakers ect.
  19. TylerGlanza

    Double Din to Single Din Head Unit

    Ive got some pioneer 2 way’s in mine and they fit fine. The screw placement is tight but they fit. There is a gap between the plastic and the speaker so allows the room.