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  1. 1990timeismoney

    Wanted rear drivers side brake caliper

    Hi all Looking to buy a complete rear drivers side brake caliper . Good and fully working condition. Thanks Luke
  2. 1990timeismoney

    Wanted..Drivers side quad headlights

    Hi all. Currently looking for a drivers side headlamp as mine has cracked.anyone with one for sale would be much appreciated. Luke
  3. 1990timeismoney

    For sale zisco inlet manifold

    For sale: Zisco inlet manifold with 5e throttle cable Item Condition: Good used condition Price and price conditions: £150+paypal fees Extra Info: Good used condition no longer needed. Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: Isle of wight Delivery &...
  4. 1990timeismoney

    Wastegate spring pressure

    Hi all. In the process of going over to external wastegate setup on my td04.blitz ECU intercooler fpr etc.and currently running 1bar on internal wastegate.what spring pressure do I require to run the same boost on the external setup. Thanks Luke
  5. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    For sale: zisco inlet manifold with thermal gasket and 5e throttle cable Item Condition: used condition Price and price conditions: £210 plus paypal fees Extra Info: used condition never got around to fitting myself but has been previously used. Pictures:
  6. 1990timeismoney

    wanted zep dash gauge holder

    Hi all been looking for a zep dash gauge holder for a while now and looking to buy if anyone has one for sale. Thanks
  7. 1990timeismoney

    wanted zep dash gauge holder

    Hi all looking to buy a zep dash gauge holder if there is any still for sale. thanks
  8. 1990timeismoney

    dash bulb list

    Hi wanting to replace all dial bulbs and seen threads saying different bulbs is there a wiki guid saying what bulbs exactly are needed and how many. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  9. 1990timeismoney

    wated standard fuel rail

    Hi all. Does anyone have a standard fuel rail for sale cheap. Luke
  10. 1990timeismoney

    bits ive made for my gt

  11. 1990timeismoney

    wanted complete fuel pump unit

    Hi all Currently trying to buy a complete fuel pump housing for top of tank. If any for sale that would be great. Luke
  12. 1990timeismoney

    H.R.F Parts wanted

    Hi All. *I'm currently looking to buy any H.R.F parts for the starlet GT .I've Got the hrf v300 ecu thanks to socks's (Much Appreciated) and ever since been trying to find parts from hrf.If there's any for sale cash waiting.(Turbo,Manifold etc.)* Thanks Luke
  13. 1990timeismoney

    Hrf v300 p&p ecu for sale

    For sale: HRF V300 ECU Item Condition: In good working condition few scratches but does not effect the item. Price and price conditions: £500 plus fees Extra Info Mk1 ep82 ecu removes fuel cut speed limiter more aggressive map. These are getting rare and hard to find. :Pictures: Contact...
  14. 1990timeismoney

    HRFV300 P&P ecu mk2 ecu

    Hi recently purchased this for my mk3 ep82 and was unaware it needed two wires on the loom swapped to run a mk1 currently waiting and trying to get a field harness to get this fitted thanks
  15. 1990timeismoney

    wanted ep82 fiel harness

    Hi does anyone have a ep82 field harness for sale. Thanks
  16. 1990timeismoney

    breather filter help

    Hi all got back of holiday yesterday drove car etc.opened bonnet while it was timing down and when it turned of there was a bit of pressure coming out of the cam cover breather filter is this normal. Thanks
  17. 1990timeismoney

    For sale (Veilside/Jam/GT Advanced

    Item For Sale: very rare veilside turbo oil cap Item Condition & Description: great condition not for ep but can get adaptor made so it fits. good condition comes with genuine box not in the best condition Price: £60 plus fees Pictures: Payment...
  18. 1990timeismoney

    wanted rear brake calipers

    as above does anyone have a set of good condotion rear brake calipers. thanks
  19. 1990timeismoney

    For sale rare veilside turbo oil cap

    Item For Sale: For Sale Veilside Turbo Oil Cap Item Condition & Description: great condition like new has a slight scratch but will polish out. very rare item and not in a hurry to sell. does not fit a starlet but will look cool on a custom tank or a adaptor can be made to get it to...
  20. 1990timeismoney

    *Parts For Sale*HKS/SARD

    Item For Sale: Sard R2D2 BOV Item Condition & Description: Condition is used but still in good working condition,Has just been removed from my ep82 as I have replaced it with a blitz bov. Great sounding bov and has an adjustable spring. Price:£35ono Pictures...