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    Used and new parts for sale

    Sure still available
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    Used and new parts for sale

    Thanks bro
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    Used and new parts for sale

    Posted more pics and parts. If interested in any just message me for a price since I do not have all prices right now, thanks.
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    Used and new parts for sale

    Hey guys I have not been on the site for a while but I recently sold my car and have some parts for sale. I live in Barbados so the buyer will have to pay for shipping costs. Parts for sale: 3G 10 Groove brake discs front new ($200.00 USD) - SOLD Braided brake lines new ($150.00 USD) HKS...
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    Engine problem/ low revs

    Remember I said the car was off the road for 4 years and not with a full tank of gas plus I live close to the sea so rusting is the norm. Comparing the old tank to the replacement one was like chalk and cheese, the replacement tank was nice and clean and the aluminium was visible but not in the...
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    **** GT Parts, OEM and Aftermarket****

    Clear your inbox mate it is full
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    Engine problem/ low revs

    Well guys the issue was a rusty gas tank that had the fuel pump clogged. Replaced the tank and fuel filter and the car is good once again
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    Engine problem/ low revs

    Hey Jay, nice to hear. How are things on your side of the World? I finally got the Gt back and running so trying to keep her on the road.Got some nice plans for her soon such as bigger turbo etc. Yes I will check the timing as well but a friend was hinting that the throttle cable maybe worn...
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    Engine problem/ low revs

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing fine. Thought the site was down. I have an issue with my Gt that is quite puzzling, the car recently is not revving pass 3k or 4k rpm in 1st to 3rd gears and when driving acceleration is very slow. I did a diagnostic test and detected nothing, check plugs and...
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    Short Radiator

    Do anyone have a short radiator for sale new? The short civic like radiators that Sacha use to sell.
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    GT turbo emblem - front grill

    Do anyone have or know where I can source the GT emblem for the quadlights grill? Thanks.
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    Happy Birthday to TGTT

    Happy Bday TGTT
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    2015 Annual Sale starts 1st October !!!

    Hi Sacha Do you have an updated stock list and is your site still working?
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    Alot of rare and nice aftermarket parts - Apexi PFC AC Scat JE Zisco 550cc

    Hey bro, can you update on whether the coilovers and the pully set are still available? I pm'd you about some parts but got no reply.
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    For Sale: Lots Of Aftermarket Parts, Engine, Turbo, ECU, Brakes.....

    Nick, The panhard rod is adjustable, correct?
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    *** Breaking Starlet EP82 Whie & Silver ***

    Both sets of quads have been sold?
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    Loads for sale bargain central :) oem +aftermarket/garage clearout

    If you change your mind about shipping overseas let me know, I definitely would take a few parts of your hands.
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    WTB: Race spec valve cover

    Preferably one of these.
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    WTB: Race spec valve cover

    Interested in purchasing one of these valve covers, pm or reply with details. Thanks.