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    Some track fun

    you can always hope for upgrades the next time you hear a noise :D
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    Ep82 rear suspension

    i can say i've seen two different types of rear top mounts on the ep82 turbo vs the ep91 turbo i'm not sure if they were changed on the ep82 turbo by the previous owner best to try a part number vs year search and see what you find --to be sure or may be Jay may know off the top of his head :D
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    Lug nut size
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    LSD Gearbox oil - How much is needed

    i've always used a funnel & connected tubing via the "level" hole to refill....a bit of laziness :D ... .lol...but using the top hole would be easier
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    oem ecu - question

    the thermostat housings between the two models have different sensors for a start
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    Bringing her back to life...Where to start?

    it doesn't look too bad so far based on those pics ...more to be revealed as you inspect further
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    Bringing her back to life...Where to start?

    my first move in such situations is to take a step back, take a deep breath...and approach the situation as logically, objective and open minded as i can from there inspect the car thoroughly, engine, suspension, wiring, electrics, tire/wheels, exhaust, body/chassis, etc and make a list of what...
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    What is the going rate?

    for a long time now i find myself not wanting to buy car parts at unreasonable's just a matter of principle. notwithstanding, i do understand that sometimes an item may be critical and you have to bite the bullet and buy it
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    Swapping my 5efe engine for a 5efhe engine

    unfortunately i can only speak on seeing the acis on turbo 4e/5e set ups. From my observations over the years if you only have the long runners open, the power and torque dips sharply over a certain rpm, usually in the mid/top end ......if you have both the long and short runners open all the...
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    Swapping my 5efe engine for a 5efhe engine

    again, this is not an area i have a lot of knowledge on. but i'd guess it would be better to get the oem 5efhe ecu, 5efhe wiring loom and 5efhe ancillaries (a few other pieces attach to the acis manifold) let the acis function properly
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    Swapping my 5efe engine for a 5efhe engine

    i'd suggest not to do this. It will notably affect performance/drivability, especially on the modestly powered naturally aspirated 5e engine. if the member is not going to set up the acis manifold properly, then maybe look to use the existing (non-acis) 5e intake manifold on the 5efhe engine
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    Swapping my 5efe engine for a 5efhe engine

    i can't speak on the wiring, but which version of the 5efhe engine are you planning to use? there is one with an acis intake manifold which i suspect would rely on a specific ecu, wiring and accessories to operate properly
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    Hello everyone!

    welcome :cool:
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    New Work Wagon

    that's some serious artillery there :D
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    Cool auction finds

    interesting, in theory i suppose it could be of some benefit to those who do track racing?? lower centre of gravity?? i really dont know lol...i'm not sure of the reality if it makes any difference. first time i've ever seen something like this
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    Link ECUs

    its really good that we can still get these kinds of parts around and at such reasonable prices :cool:
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    Link ECUs

    is it possible to use a fields extension harness to make the link ecu plug and play? similar to how its done with the EMU?..just some suggestions off the top of my head without knowing the specifics i absolutely despise cutting/splicing the oem harness,,,it can sometimes lead to electrical...
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    Some track fun

    we know we can count on you to give it the structural and paint hardness testing :D
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    Some track fun

    yeah, it does look interesting...guess if used in conjunction with the front and rear bottom braces it should in theory add some rigidity to the bottom of the car...for that track feel does it provide decent clearance for the exhaust piping,,,or do you think there would be some rubbing over...
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    Some track fun

    well i've never seen one of those plates before...i learn something new everyday :cool: