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  1. mark1991

    It's been years

    Hello everyone? Anyone still kicking about? I haven't posted about my car in years, I still have it. It has a new built bottom end from Agra in Dundee, it's done 900 miles last year. Numerous exhaust manifolds, exhausts, intercooler over the years. I shall be swapping over to a ME221 later...
  2. mark1991

    ***big aberdeen meet***

    Its about time i got a meet going lads, Its been far too long! Aberdeen, Saturday May 23th 132 W North St, Aberdeen AB24 5AR your welcome to come along in your daily if your starlet is off the road there is a big sheltered car park we have used before at We have had great meets...
  3. mark1991

    Misfire... Advice needed lads

    I was on my way to crail for some drag racing this sunday just passed, the first round-a-bout out of town i put the foot down in 2nd gear... hitting the limiter for a second then car let out 2 backfires and in the rear view i see black smoke and i think flames The car was dying on me so i...
  4. mark1991

    Break it or not!?!?!!?

    As you guys know i was banned last year and got my licence back in november last year and thought it would be a good idea to make my car..... faster lol Well i have been cought speeding again! 87 in a 60, And i am starting to think it is not a good idea to drive a 360bhp starlet daily! The...
  5. mark1991

    hmmmm aero mods :)

    a few weeks ago i decided that not standing out enough was crap...
  6. mark1991

    Injector advice please :) 1200cc too big?

    Looking at these but i dont know if its over kill...? Cheers Mark
  7. mark1991

    BIG TURBO... when you getting boost?

    I fitted a td05 18g hybrid with a billet wheel. the lag is pritty bad... to the lads running big turbos when you seeing boost???
  8. mark1991

    All done, my new set up **400bhp

    As most of you guys will know i have been off the road due to getting banned in April, I set my self a goal to fix/replace some of the parts that were due a change or had broken. I go a little carried away and when i found things i wanted i just thought... when its back on the road... it will...
  9. mark1991

    New turbo :)

    I will upload pics of if all fitted tonight, Its a TD05 18G hybrid. More to follow
  10. mark1991

    High spec TD series turbos

    I am looking into getting a high spec TD series turbo, billet compressor wheel and anti-surge intake. needing to ditch the stock TD05H 16G as i don't think she is up for the 400bhp range :( I was looking at these...
  11. mark1991

    Injector question, What are you using??

    I am planning to run 2 bar on my TD05 16G and possibly a 20G, I have currently max out my 460cc denso ones. I have looked at some 700cc injectors but are the guts of £400+ and to tell the truth i just cant throw that much cash on injectors :( What you guys running?
  12. mark1991

    4efe throttle cable

    I need a throttle cable from a non turbo starlet. Cash waiting Cheers mark
  13. mark1991

    throttle cable problems on zisco inlet

    After getting my engine in tonight I started plugging and connecting everything, only to come to The throttle cable and found its too short?!? Anyone else managed to fit theres? Also the pipe from the thermostat To the bulk head (heaters) also in the way. Along with the fuel line crossing...
  14. mark1991

    DIY downpipe for £25

    I was removing my turbo kit last week only to notice after 2 years that the zisco down pipe was only a 2" lol. So i thought 2.5" would be alot better! So i cut my own cut and sourced my own flanges and lambda thread from an old ct9 Downpipe, and bought 2 90* elbows from ebay costing less that...
  15. mark1991

    TD04/TD05 flanges

    I am looking for the 2 flanges to make up a 3" downpipe. Are Any of the traders able to sell me them please???
  16. mark1991

    Toto sports td04 down pipe

    In any condition only needing the flanges, give me a pm
  17. mark1991

    Some bad news lads... AND SOME GOOD NEWS

    I am banned from driving for 6 months. I was going to start breaking my car to fund a house... i went out to the garage to take pics for my "for sale thread" and i had a sleep on it and i have not got a balls to break it to be honest SO SHE IS STAYING :rockon: So i am setting about fitting...
  18. mark1991

    Starting to break my 360bhp GT

    For sale: Wilwood big brake kit Item Condition: in full working order and plenty of meat left on pads and discs Price and price conditions: £425 posted with fees Extra Info: still has the wilwood pads Pictures: Contact Details: pm Location: Aberdeenshire Delivery &...
  19. mark1991

    Ep82 doobie front splitter

    I am after a doobie front splitter, Please drop me a pm! not bothered about colour and as long as it is repairable. Cheers Gents
  20. mark1991

    Greddy/Trust exhaust I had been looking at this for months on ebay, The price kept coming down and i was always wondering why no one bought it??? I cant seem to find any info on the exhaust has onyone had or got one? I...