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  1. DudFunk

    Mk1 GT

    For 9k id be saving a few more pennies and hitting up Torque GT or the likes and getting them to source a truly immaculate example from a private car club or individual. I think you already know whats going to be hiding behind those plastics, ££££'s worth of work. They're smart to try shift it...
  2. DudFunk

    Toyota ep82 starlet gt

    Knock sensor is on the back of the engine underneath the inlet manifold. It's just a single wire on the connector block, check for any damage to the cable or the pin in the connector the pin can also get pretty filthy and can prevent good contact so giving it a clean wont hurt. You should...
  3. DudFunk

    What is the going rate?

    I wonder will we start to see more reproduction OE stuff now that the American's are in the market?
  4. DudFunk

    JDM Car Prices

    My current pie in the sky theory is that thanks to all the stimulus money being shoveled around the world, the USA alone has spent TRILLIONS on these programmes since last year, the exporters, auction houses and everybody else are just trying to capture a small piece of that money, combine that...
  5. DudFunk

    Full bare shell rebuild

    Sure what does a good window out respray cost nowadays? I'd be guessing as close to 3k euro judging by quotes I have been getting for other bits of work maybe even more, prices for work has only gone up over the years it seems :) As for getting the car on a spit I'd imagine it's mega money, I...
  6. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Surely must be a way to get the shipping costs down? Have you ever looked into the cost of getting a crate shipped? I wonder if between members on here could get one filled, there are definitely some expensive bulky plastic bits that I have had my eyes on for some time. ahh but then all the...
  7. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Does anybody know of any reproduction panels being made anywhere? I have called main dealers North and South and all the sills and panels are out of production and they have no old new stock (as expected really) I emailed Amayama during the week, hopefully I hear back on Monday but I'm hoping...
  8. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Looks great!! Thanks for the photos lads always good for reference
  9. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    I wasn't planning on an entire respray however if the entire rear hatch has to be replaced it will most likely need to be done, I'll certainly be getting any rot tackled as there would little point doing all the work and still have the car disintegrate from missing areas :D This is very quickly...
  10. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    I am open to all options really but I think I would have to get the Irish car very, very cheap to justify going that route and that seems very unlikely with the current asking prices for what appear on the surface to be good strong cars, it would also be allot of work to get it to full GT spec...
  11. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    There is some corrosion on the same side area, I couldn't find any noticeable issues with shut lines or accident repair except now that I think about the rear bumper did have paint marker like from a breakers hahah
  12. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Be worth your while getting the back bumper off and having a poke around maybe? Wasn't it a known issue in mk1's for the rear lamps bung to fail and send water streaming down causing paint bubbling and corrosion directly under the lights? Also all of the rubber in these cars are rapidly...
  13. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    I'll get one for you Second and third photos got flipped
  14. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Thanks for the input lads, I just wanted opinions from people outside the trade so to speak, any panel beater friends have all laughed, smiled and nodded when I was quoting them the prices, to them it seemed perfectly reasonable but they are used to working on insurance claims on BMW's and the...
  15. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Hello folks, I have been shopping around for quotes to get some rot treated in my 93 GT, unfortunately most places want nothing to do with it, so far I have had 2 quotes from people who came highly recommended and both have quoted as close to 2000euros for the repairs including parts, materials...
  16. DudFunk

    Hey Jay, could you forward on the updated wiring PDF Mearcat made recently when you get the...

    Hey Jay, could you forward on the updated wiring PDF Mearcat made recently when you get the chance?Cheers buddy
  17. DudFunk

    EP82 Wiring/Connector ID's. There is a PDF available!

    This document is a thing of beauty, thank you so much for taking the time and putting in the effort to make this and making it freely available to the community!
  18. DudFunk


    From the limited research I have done it seems to be quite similar with a more textured finish, I'll buy a can and see what it does to some junk metal over the winter before committing Some job on that 5e somehow I think you will find the heart to get them done :D
  19. DudFunk


    Looks like it came from a time capsule in those pictures, unreal! Did you ever do any undersealing on the GT's? I followed in your steps and Bilt Hamber'ed the hell out of the cavities but while asking about underseal a local body guy has recommended I try Bully Liner, its a rubber based...
  20. DudFunk

    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    Some nice stuff Jay, very jealous of the GT Badge nice find!