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  1. starletsy

    Round plug behind intake manifold next to clutch master cylinder

    It comes on the speedometer cable 83710-10420
  2. starletsy

    Glanza footwell lights

    I'm sure you have the correct connector there that's where the loom setup was plugged into on the 96 glanza i had the 98 i have now was just done in typical Japanese fashion and scotch locked :rolleyes:
  3. starletsy

    Ep82 what set up you recommend for street use

    At that hp target you need to check the engines condition even the newest Glanza V engine is over 20 years old and trying to nearly double its power everything needs to be in top condition.
  4. starletsy

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    If anyone wants more detailed pictures just ask and I'll try and help
  5. starletsy

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    Now for magazines, some toyota manuals, a copy of banzai that had Dave's TMD starlet in, the hot version DVD that had the JAM Glanza plus some other magazines etc
  6. starletsy

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    Some more
  7. starletsy

    Brochure and memorabilia collection

    Thought a few of you would like to see the collection I've amassed. I've concentrated on mostly EP91 stuff as that's what I've always owned. I have a good selection including the price lists and optional extra and dealer option brochures. There is a selection of Netz brochures too who were a big...
  8. starletsy

    Squeaky/chirpy belts????

    I'd remove the aux belt mate and see if it goes away at least then you will have narrowed it down.
  9. starletsy

    What is the going rate?

    As others have said they would want to be good for that price mate. What about sea shipping a pair from Japan to reduce the costs if you’re not desperate for them?
  10. starletsy

    Cool auction finds

    I had spotted them Jay think it would be a good idea for a circuit car but would be concerned with sump clearance on a road car.
  11. starletsy

    Con artist

    I understand we are all trying to find parts and with more and more being discontinued by Toyota but I still don't understand why anyone would trust those that will not take PayPal. I've passed on the opportunity to get parts in the past just for this reason. There is nothing to stop anyone...
  12. starletsy

    Anyone changed their HEATER MATRIX???

    91 or 82?
  13. starletsy

    Nightmare buy

    That doesn't sound good depending on what has been used it may be possible to get your engine built with standard 4efte or forged parts. Any 4efte is going to be 20 plus years old so finding a good one to just drop in now is rare most want some work. Very hard to value the car without knowing...
  14. starletsy

    JDM Car Prices

    This puts it across well its happened with cars in the past look at all the old ford stuff that was a different generation now its moved onto the import generation.
  15. starletsy

    Tribute Jam gear knobs and horn push

    First off these are not genuine items they are a tribute to what Jam racing produced. I have a genuine gear knob that I used to get the logo correct. They are not an exact replica size wise either I wanted people to be able to tell the difference between these items and the genuine Jam produced...
  16. starletsy

    Trust greddy oil sandwich plate to clear powersteering pump bracket

    I have a greddy oil filter relocation kit and I had to take a small amount from the bracket.
  17. starletsy

    Parcel shelf mounted air purifier filter

    Jay id found 88927-53010 for the main filter 88926-53010 for the carbon filter I think these could be discontinued though. What I have found is this This is a pollen filter from a vauxhall astra f or calibra its twice the length but the width is correct and its only 2mm thicker. I just cut it...
  18. starletsy

    Parcel shelf mounted air purifier filter

    Has anyone found a source other than toyota for a new filter for the parcel shelf mounted air purifier? I though maybe a cabin filter from another car might fit?
  19. starletsy

    Toolbox corner

    There a good box them mate most of them are pretty good these days if they are in a workshop. It's when they are in a van that does them no good at all. I'm lucky to still have my snap on stuff from when I was on the spanners full time as a job (agricultural mechanic) so I'm got too much stuff...
  20. starletsy

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas all hope you all make the best of it as you are able