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  1. DudFunk

    Rust repair costs

    Hello folks, I have been shopping around for quotes to get some rot treated in my 93 GT, unfortunately most places want nothing to do with it, so far I have had 2 quotes from people who came highly recommended and both have quoted as close to 2000euros for the repairs including parts, materials...
  2. DudFunk

    Recommended tuning books/resources

    Hello all Been doing a search online to find some decent websites/books/resources on engine tuning and was wondering if you folks have any recommendations? I am a complete noob when it comes to tuning so the more comprehensive the book/website the better really! Any recommendations...
  3. DudFunk

    Good 5e TD04/5 set up recommendations.

    Basically as the title says Im about to take the plunge and go 5e just have a few questions as Im new to modding so if I get anything wrong or you can recommend better alternatives please feel free to share them with me Would I need to go forged to run a TD04/5 on stock 5e internals with...
  4. DudFunk

    Wanted MK1 EP82 Sunroof Shell

    As the title says Im looking for a MK1 EP82 must be sunroof model no interior,bumpers or panels needed just a clean straight shell Show me what you got :rockon:
  5. DudFunk

    New guy from Dublin

    Hey guys and girls new guy here from Dublin, my names Justin, im the proud owner of a MK1 GT Turbo its the first Toyota I have ever owned and I love the thing have a build planned just waiting for the right ep82 sunroof shell for the work to begin. Ill be sure to post a build log and get pics up...