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    If you are new to TGTT please read this

    Due to a significant increase in spam on the forum we have added some questions at registration time. In addition new members with less than 5 posts will not be able to send private messages.
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    Not what you want on a Sunday evening

    Looks like it's a charging issue. Have a voltage regulator on the way and will fit that at the weekend. The site I ordered the regulator from also had service items for the MR2 so I ordered them also. Rebirth of the MR2 has officially begun! I am excited at the prospect. The avensis wagon was...
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    Worst ways you spent your money on your car

    Back in the day when you were just starting out what were the mistakes you made? Did you buy gadgets and other crap that when you look back on them now were complete nonsense? Did you buy the wrong car entirely? How about that shopping list of stickers you put on the side that you photoshop out...
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    Bringing her back to life...Where to start?

    Hello! I am feeling a bit lost and need some advice if you can lend your knowledgeable brains for a moment please I would appreciate it, I am sure this is a situation quite a few people find themselves in so it might help others too. My MR2 has been lying up for a few years and I would like to...
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    Fuel pump

    Hi, I am looking for a fuel pump for a fairly standard glanza. I had put a walbro in a few years ago but I checked it after lying idle for a couple of years and it has completely rusted so need a new item. Suggestions on where to order from please? Link to the one I took out in case you want...
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    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas to everyone! Weird year. Kind of feeling it now as I am finished work for a few days and winding down and it is gloomy and grey outside. Hard to stay positive with everything the way it is but I have resolved to relax and chill out and stay at home. I am going to use the time...
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    Car won't start

    Howdy Havent started the car in over a year and tried it today. The starter turns great and sounds strong but she doesn't burst in to life. It's been so long since I have driven a glanza I can't remember if I should be able to hear the fuel pump once I turn the ignition on, I think I should be...
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    Win - T-Shirt and Stickers - Win

    Hi Folks, We have a set of stickers and a TGTT t-shirt (large) to give away. All you have to do is post a picture of your engine bay to be in with a chance of winning. Dirty? Filthy? Sparkling? Chrome? Rusty? Bling? Whatever it looks like we don't care... let's see them! Winner will be picked...
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    Starlet TV Commercials

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    New Supra might be a Gazoo Racing model

    when released in Japan... More here
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    KP Videos and Pics

    Any KP Fans out there? Share your pics and videos please
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    Some photos from the TGTT Archive

    Hi, Throughout the years we have had some amazing high quality photos sent in to us for features we have run, we thought we would share some of those with you in this thread. Subscribe to the thread for updates as new photos are added.
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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    Hi Ladies and Gents, As you might have noticed we are in the process of upgrading the forum. Over the years the forum software provider has gotten more and more buggy and following our last update of software many parts of the forum were causing problems. We have moved to a new home on the...
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    MR2 MK2 Rev5 Turbo

    For Sale: Toyota MR2 Turbo Item Condition: 1998 - looks its age, mechanically wonderful! Price and price conditions: E3500 or offers, but not silly ones Extra Info: My little lady for sale. I got so lucky with this car, it is a beauty, now I am ready to let it move on as she is not...
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    New Wagon

    Hi all, picked this up a couple of months ago.... 1983 Land Rover Series III 2.25 Petrol 0 - 60 .... well... lets not talk about that.
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    Which one to let go?

    Hi all, Long time no speak. I am making room for a new car and so I have to let one of the old ones go. I am going to keep one as a track car as now I have something I can tow a trailer with. Here is the dilemma - which car should I keep for the track and which one should I get rid of? Car 1...
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    Do you need planning permission - Ireland

    Hi, I am getting different information on this depending on who I talk to. If you erect a metal pre fabricated building for a garage/workshop and put it over a concrete poured base, do you need planning permission? Some of the suppliers are saying you do and some are saying you dont...
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    What car - advice needed please

    Hi, The GF has a celica and I have an MR2 and now that we are going to get a couple of dogs we were thinking of getting rid of one of them (Celica muhahaha) and getting something that can carry stuff and is comfortable for doing mileage as it wil have to cover 100+ miles per day potentially...
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    another one... I am sure most will have seen this in the news already. It is so sad to see people having such disregard for human life these days. From the cartel mass murders in Mexico to the cinema shooting recently in the US...
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    Slaughter on the water