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  1. Djaniero

    Rear Caliper Piston Issue

    Hi guys, Just when I thought my GT had stopped testing me. I was building my rear callipers back up today and for some reason, one of the pistons wouldn’t screw back on to the thread. I thought it may have been the piston thread that was at fault, so I tried to fit both pistons on to the other...
  2. Djaniero

    Rear Wheel Bearing Fitment

    Hi guys, Can anyone confirm whether or not these bearings will fit an ep82? Thanks
  3. Djaniero

    11k GBP Big Spec Glanza with engine knock

    Came across this sales thread earlier guys. I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened, but it seems like the seller recently bought the car, the engine began to knock shortly afterwards and the previous owner happily refunded him some cash back. Are these cars really worth this sort of...
  4. Djaniero

    Front Caliper Rebuild kit

    Hey lads, I’m in the process of changing the front discs and pads in my GT. I thought it would be a good idea to give the calipers a refresh while I’m at it. Has anyone used this rebuilt kit ...
  5. Djaniero

    Carribean Starlet Lady

    Came across this video earlier guys. Think it maybe in Barbados. Some of our Caribbean members may know of her or the car. :cool:
  6. Djaniero

    Crank Pulley Bolt (replacment)

    As above lads, does anyone know where I can get a replacment crankshaft pulley bolt from, for my GT? I assume it maybe the same as other Toyota variants, but wanted to double check first. Thanks for any info.
  7. Djaniero

    Weird Suspension Noise

    Guys, I replaced my lower ball joints yesterday, after I was getting some strange noises coming from the front suspension. However the noise seems to have gone worse. I'm starting to think whether it could be my cv joints at fault or something else? When I pull away, I get a knocking/creak...
  8. Djaniero

    Lower Ball Joint Removal

    Hi lads, I'm trying to remove my lower ball joints at the moment on my GT, but can't for the life of me remove the 19mm castle nut (soak in a load of wd40). The gap is too small to get the ring end of my rachet spanner over it, so I attacked it with the open end side, but it started to round...
  9. Djaniero

    Starter Motor

    Hi guys, I want to replace the starter motor on my GT. I was just wondering whether this one would be a good replacment? Also has anyone got any...
  10. Djaniero

    AEM Wideband

    Hi guys, I've been having some issues with my aem wideband kit ever since I removed the dash and replaced my heater matrix....random I know... My last sensor died after about 8 years of use, so I replaced it with a genuine one about 3 months ago. On idle, the gauge displays as lean initially...
  11. Djaniero

    Uk Starlet making good numbers on stock 4e

    I know its been a hot topic of dabate over the years, about UK starlets not making good figures on stock internals, compared our overseas Brothers lol. So it was a pleasant surprise to come across this vid yestersay. The owner is over on the UK Starlet forum and the car gets driven hard both on...
  12. Djaniero

    Anti-Lift Kit

    I bought an anti lift kit for my GT recently, and came around to fitting it earlier today. However, the bush hole for the kit is waay too small to go over my front control arm. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm going to contact the seller and send them back, but just wanted to check I...
  13. Djaniero

    Link ECUs

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what the best way is to install a link ecu into an ep82 GT? I know you can buy a plug and play harness, which I'm guessing would be an easier solution. However can you hardwire them in your existing oem loom or are there any better alternatives? Thanks ps @Stu- I...
  14. Djaniero

    Rare Corolla's??

    I came across these rollas online a few weeks ago. Look really cool. Wondered if @Jay or anyone else could shed anymore light on them?
  15. Djaniero

    Ep82 Brake upgrade

    Morning lads, As above, can anyone reccommend decent brake upgrade for a street driven GT? Its been on my to do list for a while, but after a near miss yesterday evening with a crazy driver that nearly wrote my car off, it got me thinking again. Would a set of uprated discs and pads suffice...
  16. Djaniero

    ***Coilovers For Sale***

    Delete if not allowed mods. I saw these come up for sale on the FB Starlet Group and I know people on here want a set from time to time.
  17. Djaniero

    JDM Car Prices

    Hey lads, I was having a look online yesterday, for rough price guides of importing a JDM car over these days. Came across this site: Prices have definitely shot up, compared to when I had my old ek9 imported a few years back. Didn't realise just how...
  18. Djaniero

    EP82 Rad Hoses

    Lads, does anyone know where I can get replacement rad hoses from? I found these ones but ideally wanted them in black or rubber? I only need the one for the top of the rad to be honest...
  19. Djaniero

    Greddy Type S BOV

    Hey lads, Is anyone currently using or had any experience with the Greddy Type S? I have an original purple one (looks real but unsure if its genuine) which broke, so upgraded to an NGR one - supposedly better quality replica from the USA - and just wanted to know what setup/settings people...
  20. Djaniero

    Quad Light Bulb Upgrade

    Morning lads, One of my outer/dipped bulbs has gone in my GT. I was thinking it maybe a good time to replace all the bulbs anyway, as they re not the brightest. Am I right in thinking that the full beam/inner bulbs are HB4 and the outer/dipped bulbs are HB3? I was thinking about getting some...