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    td04 downpipe

    looking a td04 downpipe 2 1/2" mild steel or stainless steel no toyosport rubbish. kevin
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    swapping injectors 370cc (23250-74160)

    Remap it is then, might aswell put a 2 1/2 exhaust on to free some more ponnies up. Think the 2 inch exhaust is robbing me of torque, running 215bhp and only 179 ft lbs torque 1bar. Kevin
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    swapping injectors 370cc (23250-74160)

    right im running td04l with all supporting mods and only running standard 295cc injectors, i also have a set of 370cc injectors that i would like to fit, so is it ok to just fit the 370cc injector? or do i have to get it remapped for these injectors? krvin
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    Max hp??

    ive a set of 5efhe (fatter rods) and a set off 370cc injectors for sale if your interested. kevin
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    TD04 fuel pressure

    im running my rrfpr at 3bar running td04l at 1 bar boost, but you still need it fine tuned on the rollers. kevin
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    interference problem

    right lad im getting complainants from people in my estate saying that every time i start my car its interfering with there tv, what would be causing this problem? spark plugs? kevin
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    5e crank 5efhe rods

    looking to know what is a 5e crank and 5efhe rods worth? kevin
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    Zisco ct9 Ms ram horn manifold

    ive been running td04l at 1 bar (215bhp) for over a year now and the engine is still going strong, if going td04l do a compression test first to see if you have a good engine to start with. kevin
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    standard engine replacement guide for ep91

    where abouts you from lad? if your not to far away id give you a hand putting the engine in. kevin
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    How much hp

    need more info what turbo you running, manifold, injectors, ecu ect ect? also is the engine standard or forged internals? kevin
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    axle trailing arms and panhard rod bushings

    does anyone know where i can get standard new bushings for trailing arms and panhard rod for ep91? kevin
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    5e block/crank

    block sold rest of engine still available. kevin
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    wanted engine

    ive a striped 5e engine for sale if your interested? kevin
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    4efte standard pistons

    has nobody any pistons laying about after forging there engine. kevin
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    4efte standard pistons

    looking a set off standard 4efte pistons in good condition. kevin
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    5e block/crank

    price drop £180 thats for the full engine. kevin
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    5e block/crank

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    98 spec front bumper

    as above looking 98 spec front bumper in white, if you have one send me a pm. kevin
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    5e block/crank

    bump open to offers
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    5e block/crank

    for sale: 5e block and crank item condition: very good price: £250 extra info: engine was bought to forge the bottom end but just cant afford to go ahead with it the bores are excellent and crank is in excellent condition as well. pictures: contact: through the forum...