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  1. dac69er

    Power fc cold start idle?

    Has anyone else with a power fc found that from a cold start the idle rpm seems excessively high? It doesn't stay that high for long and once it gets some temperature in it, it settles down fine. I just find it strange. Does it on both my GTs with the power fc. Has anyone else found this? Is...
  2. dac69er

    clutch judder?

    all MY GTs have a juddery clutch to some degree :( one has a 3 puk paddle, so i kind of expect that to be juddery. its borderline nasty to drive with so i am tempted to swap it out to be honest! the other has an exedy organic and its not too bad, but still a bit juddery if you dont slip the...
  3. dac69er

    GT glow badge dissasembly?

    Finally bit the bullet and am going to try and refurb mine as it's looking a bit ropey. I have ordered one of those stickers from australia and I have taken the panel off the car, got the glow badge bit out and removed the bulbs etc. Is it a simple oven job to separate the clear front or is...
  4. dac69er

    ABS brake bleeding?

    Is anyone aware of a way to properly bleed the system with abs? I wanted to make sure all the fluid was changed including what is sitting around in the abs pump. The only way I have found people doing it is cracking the pipes open at the pump, but that seems messy and I would have thought...
  5. dac69er

    Anti roll bar droplinks?

    After about 15 years, I am finally getting round to fitting the trd arb I bought! As I have a mk1, it has the oldskool droplinks and the trd arb uses the newer balljoint type. Looking at the length of the originals compared to the ones IDworkz sell, the IDworkz ones seem alot shorter. Has...
  6. dac69er

    What is the going rate?

    Just wondered what the going rate for an ep82 front wing is nowadays? Been offered a pair, but the price seems higher than expected? I know it's jdm yo and all that, but I'm surprised!!!!!
  7. dac69er

    Battery charger recommendations!?

    Looking for a new battery charger? Been looking at the c-tek chargers, but not really sure what one to get? Any recommendations? I would ideally want one that is good for starlet sized batteries, slightly larger batteries like the one for my rx8 and motorbike batteries. I remove my batteries...
  8. dac69er

    WANTED: EP85/EP95 front arb

    Has anyone got one? Mine came with a rear one , but never a front one. Any assistance in locating one would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. dac69er

    EP85/EP95 propshaft phasing?

    I believe the phasing of both propshaft sections are meant to be in phase, but I just wanted to confirm this with others to ensure I was correct and not missing something. Posting up pics would be Great :) thanks
  10. dac69er

    How do you remove your driveshafts???

    Just wondered what different ways people use to remove the driveshafts from the box on their starlets? I use a hammer and a drift, it seems to work reasonably well for me, but I do always worry about the side forces I am putting on things, especially when the shaft is a bit tight. What are...
  11. dac69er

    Gearbox oil?

    What gearbox oils are people using? Just after some suggestions. I've used cheap chip fat quality oil up to redline and the boxes always feel pretty much the same!!!
  12. dac69er

    Clutch release bearing???

    Are they all the same between stock clutches and uprated clutches? (Ignoring any special twin plate ones etc) I have a 3 puk exedy paddle clutch and want to stick a new release bearing in whilst the box is off. I didn't want to put a stock one on and it disintegrates after 5 minutes! Thanks
  13. dac69er

    Ep85 gearbox going for a refurb!!!!!

    Wish me luck. It's going for a refurb as it has a rattly noise in neutral when the clutch is released. Suspect input shaft bearing. Hope it won't be too expensive!!! Thought I would start a thread to update how things go along the way......
  14. dac69er

    Squeaky/chirpy belts????

    My GT has this odd squeak issue for as long as I remember. The sound is a bit like 2 balloons rubbing together. It only happens once the car has warmed up. I have changed cambelt and tensioners, water Pump (twice), water pump pulley (twice), alternator, crank pulley, both aux belts (twice). My...
  15. dac69er

    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    Has anyone else had issues with waterpumps leaking after only a short period of use? My runaround mk1 had a slight leak from the seal. It was 5 years old and I though bugger it, I will swap the cambelt and pump and get it done. This was in November last year. Didn't use the car over winter...
  16. dac69er

    Gearbox synchros?

    Currently have my gearbox at the rebuilder and he said the synchros aren't that easy to get hold of anymore so is going to take a little longer than expected. I know you can get genuine still via IDworkz, but it doesn't look like they do them all? 3rd gear, which is the main issue doesn't seem...
  17. dac69er

    flywheel differences?

    has anyone noticed differences between the flywheels of different years at all? these differences seem to be very small, but they are there. i have 2 flywheels; 1 is from my mk1 GT, but i believe its had a swapped engine from an auto as some bummer had fitted the auto spacer plates and shorter...
  18. dac69er

    Poly engine mount modifications

    I removed my poly mounts a few years back as I couldnt stand the vibrations from them. I had the idea to add additional holes to reduce vibration and make them as close to oem feel as possible due to it being hard to find replacement oem mounts anymore. I contacted powerflex about doing this...
  19. dac69er

    steering racks

    are the ep91 and ep82 power steering racks the same? in short, can they be swapped between the 2 without modification? i know the steering columns themselves differ, so want to be sure about the racks before i buy a spare. thanks
  20. dac69er

    Coil differences?

    I am aware there are 2 different coils, the older push on type and the clip type. Are they the same other than the clip part? I want to try a new coil on my mk1 and rather than replace the coil, dizzi and leads I wondered if i could simply remove the clip part and then push on my current...