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  1. Jay

    1996 Glanza V Breaking

    First breaker in a while.. This 1996 Glanza V has had a very hard life, the shell is in poor condition so it's on the chopping block. If someone really wants the shell at the end let me know. Engine, bumpers, tailgate and gearbox all gone so far. As per usual, if anyone sees anything they...
  2. Jay

    Flip side - What's the BEST thing you've done to a car

    Just for balance with the other thread, what has been the most entertaining thing you've done on your car? The race breaker sticker was hilarious fun for me: Broke a few hearts with that :p
  3. Jay

    JDM Bottle opener

    Brought a few of these genuine Japanese bottle openers in to share the JDM goodness. For once a purchase that you will find useful! £5 a piece, shipping will probably be the same again on top but can throw them in with other items or combine shipping to save some ££ New old stock :
  4. Jay

    GR Yaris

    The more I see the more I like, seems first impressions are good:
  5. Jay

    NGK Power Cable set - New

    Brought a few of these in for resale. Suit clip-type 4EFTE applications, and really freshen up the engine bay. Brand new in box, all four leads plus king lead and include clips. Personal note - one thing that lets them down is the clips, I would retain your current clips to keep the wires...
  6. Jay

    Trust Greddy Oil Filter - 4E, 5E, 3S, 1AZ, 1ZZ, 7A, etc

    Brought a few of these into stock as an alternative to the genuine Toyota unit. Genuine stock from Japan. Double pleat construction with good filtration apparently. No hassles on the cars I've used them on. Suits a lot of Toyota engines - 4EFE, 4EFTE, 5EFE, 5EFHE, 3SGE, 3SFE, 3SGTE, 1ZZ...
  7. Jay

    Cusco Panhard Rod - New

    I usually stick to supplying the local crew with this sort of thing but I've yet to find a home for this one. Brand new in box, unfitted with zero miles on it. £145 all in, shipping available at buyers expense. Perfect way to get the rear axle back in some sort of line after...
  8. Jay

    Japanese Bottle Opener

    Item description: Finally something totally useful, very rare to find these outside of Japan. Its as old as the hills so has a nice rusty patina (yes I used rusty and nice together). Price : £16 posted inside the UK.
  9. Jay

    Rescueman 3

    New old stock Rescueman 3 Description: I've a few of these on the shelf now, if anyone hasn't added one to their cabin yet just let me know. No point paying inflated ebay prices, shop TGTT. Price: £40 Delivery: £7 recorded within the UK, can ship elsewhere on request.
  10. Jay

    EP82 Fuel Filler pipe

    In need of a fuel filler pipe from an EP82 GT. One that is intact and solid please, not looking anything too rusty, especially on the smaller relief pipe. PM me if you have one, or two, or even three.
  11. Jay

    Genuine Snow Chain set

    You don't get these cropping up in this condition too often.. A full set, come with original box, fittings and instructions. Designed for the stock range of wheels so would suit a collector for display purposes but equally able to get you up that snow covered hill. £75 plus postage to TGTT...
  12. Jay

    Passenger Side Square Lamp EP82

    Have a headlamp available from a 1993 GT. Bit of yellowing along the top of the lense but otherwise seems in decent condition. Might help someone out of a hole. £70 plus post to TGTT members, hopefully pics can show condition :
  13. Jay

    Toyota 2000GT Cigarette Box

    Not having much joy on eBay so reckoned I could list it here too. These boxes were given out by Toyota Japan to certain customers to promote the models of the era. I've a small collection of them here which are too good not to display. Very rare item in the UK, imported myself from Japan...
  14. Jay

    Genuine Toyota Numberplate Surrounds

    I've a few of these knocking about the garage and seeing as eBay is a tough sell thought I'd list them here too. Brought in from the Japanese auctions by myself, suit a 6" x 13" japanese sized numberplate, perfect finishing touch to a JDM exterior. Rocking a set myself: Used...
  15. Jay

    When you see it..

  16. Jay

    Rally Starlets

    Was looking info on EP71 brakes and happened upon this site: Which then got me reading about rallying results and this article: Nice to see that Greece has been racing them for years and...
  17. Jay

    7A-FE engine

    Just a quick ask, could everyone check down the back of their sofa and such like for a 1.8 engine from a Celica, Carina, or Avenny please? Cheers, Jay
  18. Jay

    Some Toyota bulletins

    Was doing some digging on the Japanese Toyota site and found release notes on a few models folks might find interesting:
  19. Jay

    Some track fun

    Don't ask how but I've ended up sharing a cheap track project wagon with our Phil ( 1. Buy the cheapest shitbox you can 2. Drive it till you break it or it breaks you 3. Haven't got this far just yet! Two days done and it's been hilarious craic so far. Cue the pics...
  20. Jay

    Interesting Blitz auction

    Spotted this which looks interesting: Product Details ☆ BLITZ ACCESS 333R / Blitz Access 333R ☆ Computer CPU rewrite set ☆ [Search] Tuning shop ☆ It is a data rewriting set for Blitz access computers. At the time, it was a product...