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  1. rid1ridz14

    Code 14 - Ignitor

    Hey guys, I need some help, my car is not firing at all, just cranking. And I'm getting code 14 through the diagnostic port. Tried two different Ignitors and same code pops up, anything help please on what to check? Ps I did search on other threads on here but no exact solutions found
  2. rid1ridz14

    Vacuum Lines on the intake manifold

    Hey guys hope you all are doing great. I have two lines that are plugged and I want to know what are they for and why they are plugged, I didn't do it, was like that before I bought it. I labelled them A and B.
  3. rid1ridz14

    Transmission - Clutch release bearing questions

    Hey guys, was wondering if there's any how to post or videos on how to remove and replace the clutch release bearing on a 4efte box.. or is it like any other car? thanks
  4. rid1ridz14

    Intercooler - BOV setups

    Hey y'all hope you are doing fine. I have a few questions about the bov location for the 4efte. Why is the BOV located between the turbo and intercooler on the tmic and not between the intercooler and throttle body? Also if it's fmic, then where should the bov be? between intercooler and...
  5. rid1ridz14

    LSD Gearbox oil - How much is needed

    Hello guys, I looked around on the forum for an answer but there was nothing specific about the amount of oil needed to fill a 4efte gearbox. I have a 5 speed LSD gearbox, same said 4 litres, some 2 litres, others 1.9 litres and so on. I want to know how much is takes because I m going to buy...
  6. rid1ridz14

    oem ecu - question

    hey guys, i was wondering what are the difference between the green labelled oem ecu an the black one, also why are some 26/16p/12p and some only 26p/16p, I can also post a pic of mine if needed, thanks
  7. rid1ridz14

    Carburetor to EFI - 4EF to 4EFTE - Help

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. I have a few questions about a swap that I'm attempting to do with a few friends. Swapping a 4efte into a carburetor ep82 running 4ef engine (4e carburetor engine). What I've at the moment; - running 4efte engine with ecu and wiring, its actually in a...
  8. rid1ridz14

    4 door GT conversion

    hello guys, was looking on the threads but didn't see anything.. was wondering if anyone on here have done the ep82 4 door conversion to a 4 door gt, like engine wise it's easy but exterior wise, body kits etc
  9. rid1ridz14

    4efte corolla (ae100) - Driveshafts Question. Pls help

    Hey guys, hope y'all are doing great. I have a 94 Toyota Corolla (Ae100) and I bought it with a 4efte swap already done to it, well that's one of the reasons I bought the car. But some stuff are sketchy about the swap. The driveshaft has different thickness, like one is thinner than the other...