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  1. matty gt

    Wtd Ep82 cat back exhaust system

    Looking for the likes of hks hi power silent ep82 cat back or 5zigen boarder must be in mint condition and willing to post to me in ireland so whats out there lads Thank matty
  2. matty gt

    wtd Toyota map torch

    goes down the drivers side plastic that runs down the window any one got one :) pm me on here or 0877723972
  3. matty gt

    14" oem starlet wheels

    looking for these wheels in the picture in mint condition if possible seems to be the way you find these wheels first thing to go when lads bought starlets
  4. matty gt

    toyota radio wanted

    any got one of these standard mk3 gt starlet radio picture courtesy from jays starlet brochure cash waiting :)
  5. matty gt

    original gt advance momo gear knob

    as above lads i am looking for an original momo gear knob to restore my gt advance back to its former glory please please can someone help
  6. matty gt

    cat back standard gt starlet exhast system

    wtd standard gt starlet exhast system pics added as above cash waiting lads putting my gt advance back to factory standard well trying anyways this exhaust is a real pain in my ass trying to get one [/URL][/IMG] have a ep91 Fujitsubo Exhaust system cat back as a trade
  7. matty gt

    factory lsd gearbox

    as the title lads looking for a good working lsd box no whining from the diff and crunching of the gear changes so whats out there
  8. matty gt

    private message

    cant send private messages cleared all my inbox still no joy :(
  9. matty gt

    4efte wanted

    As above lads my gt starlet engine just shit itself :mad: anyone any good compresion 4efte engines for sale please let me no pm me on here or phone or text me 0877723972 thanks in advance lads
  10. matty gt

    Id like this
  11. matty gt


    Like to thank Alan very much for the lsd mount and back bumper at an unbeatable price didn't have the pleasure of meeting him as my mate rosso123 collected the parts for me but he keep in touch sent me pictures of the items couldn't be happier and would highly recommend him :rockon:
  12. matty gt

    Heres what i got up to today

    started off with standard ep82 strut brace :) then I stripped all the paint off with 120 grit then 220 then 280 then 320 then 400 then 600 then 800 than 1000 then 1200 then finally 1500 to get the mirror shine I wanted and then some autosol metal paste I painted the ends in a new coat of black...
  13. matty gt

    lenister meet administration help

    First on all can the administration please change the title to lenister meet Saturday 29 /06 13 and secondly there have been a couple of lads texting me sayings they cant post in the lenister meet maybe you guys wont mind fixing this for me thanks matty
  14. matty gt


    To faiscal I can't thank enough for selling me his front aero spats out of his own personal collection and he is very friendly kept to touch with me till they got delivered great job on the packaging what can I say A++++++ seller cant wait till our next purchase faiscal and am sure there will...
  15. matty gt

    lsd rear engine mount

    Lsd rear engine mount wtd cash waiting :) dieing to get this last resort will be Toyota as expensive 80 euro
  16. matty gt

    help quick lsd question

    lads need answers fast please i am going to buy an oem lsd gearbox conversion tomorrow my car is ep82 and the lsd box is coming from a glanza its just been pointed out to me that the ratios are different in the glanza lsd box as oposed to a gt lsd box so would this mean that the glanza box...
  17. matty gt

    after these for my ep82

    ep82 optional extras wtd clean ace bin rear cup holders rear boot mat please send me a pm if you have any of the above for sale ill pay over the odds lads :) here is my list of what extras I have so far full aero kit oem lsd conversion vanity tray full recaro interior...
  18. matty gt

    please lads need front spats

    Lads as above I am in desperate need to find front spats of the Toyota aero kit have no problem paying really good money for these so please please please if anyone reading this post has a set that would sell to me as I bought the aero side skirts and spats last night and the front spats are...
  19. matty gt

    cheap project
  20. matty gt

    donouts old skool :drive: