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    Some good new for crank bearings?

    Hi members :) Hope you all are well. While doing my routine crank bearing search I found that there now is a Copper based bearing available! If any one was wondering, the OEM bearings are Copper based and never before were they available to the market by OEM replacement manufacturers! Now you...
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    Scrapped block? Need 75.5mm bore 4EFE?

    Hi members, just putting this info on the net for mostly those in 3rd world countries. If you have a block already bored to 75mm and its scored you might have a last chance for 75.5mm Try Hyundai Verna/Accent/G4FK 1.5 16V pistons :) I did not try them personally but the data says it should work :)
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    Where can we get more of this? "WickedEP"

    As the title says :D
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    4EFTE Valve Length?

    Hi members :) I got it as follow :) 93.3mm+- and tip 3.3mm+- ?
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    Twin scroll TD04?

    Hi members :) Did any of you had a look at the TD04 14T twin scroll from the renault 2L turbo? I am curious :D
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    No need for turbo charge :p

    Have a look at this little starlet :cool:
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    Anyone know this starlet?

    Cool little car :D Engine looks like 3SGTE to me.
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    Toyota AE82/92 Shocks vs EP80?

    Hi members :) Can anyone tell me what the differences are? Thinking of getting the VW polo MK3 coilovers that Mr Colin used :) I have an AE82 :p
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    Netharlands Sport?

    Hi members. Does anyone have info on where/how they brew their athletes? It is such a small country but their sport is really good!
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    I am hungry :(
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    3SGTE drag starlet video :D

    Hi members just want to share this with you :) Love the gear shifting :eek:
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    4EFE engine without distributor?

    Hi members :) If a 4EFE came out of the factory without a distributor, what exact engine is it? I can get one and thinking of using it instead of my 4EFTE because --> I can sell the 4EFTE for way more than I can get the 4EFE for. I am going to re-bore and fit new rods and pistons. I do...
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    5E gasket set needed from Australia

    Hi members :) I need the 5EFE second generation gasket set :( I have a friend in AU that will be able to ship it for me but I need to tell him where to be able to get one. Probably for late model Tercel or something. Ebay is robbing me with shipping :( Thanks :)
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    Cheap steel head gasket possibility.

    Hi members :) I was wondering of the idea of using the 2nd gen 5efe head gasket. Any opinions? I think it will work great with copper spray and dished pistons :)
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    TGTT forum is dead on my side?

    Hi members. Is it just on my side or is TGTT Form rather quiet? Seems like nothing is happening in "Modification/ Technical Questions" section? And cant see any announcements saying that it will be down for awhile or something :p
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    Best turbo for 4EFTE

    Hi members! Just had to share my findings :) Link No lag :D
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    Please help with reading compressor map :)

    Hi members. Please help me read this map. Can get hold of one of these turbos :) Map is on the page :) And it will be for a 4efte with stand alone management. Thanks :)
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    Cheap distributor cap for 4EFTE

    Hi members. Iv'e seen that this is a problem to get sometimes. A cheap alternative is to use a Toyota Hilux point and condenser cap. It is 80s model. 2Y/3Y/4Y You just need to slot one of the holes that hold the cap to the distributor. The locating slots are an identical match. It is the...
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    Question on RHF5 turbo

    Hi members. I got hold of this turbo IHI RHF5 VJ26 Did some research and +- measuring. Compressor wheel inducer is around 38.2mm Turbine wheel exducer is around 40mm Housings looks to be not to restrictive. So this should be between a TF035 and a TD0413G? Guestimate CFM 300? Or what...
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    Ford 1.3 endura engine, no oil to head

    Hi members. Hope someone could give me some advice! I have rebuilt this engine and now it is not getting any oil to the head. Gasket is on correctly, started to loosen oil filter and it peed oil out so the pump is primed. Can the oil filter be the wrong one as the shops said I should use...