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    Gauging intrest in my hybird turbo

    For sale:gauging intrest in my hybird turbo Item Condition:used but has had new oil seals about 3months ago now Price and price conditions:410 that cover paypal 4% Pictures:[/IMG][/IMG] Contact Details:give me a ring on 07957976243 or pm but ent on here that much Location:bristol...
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    breaking this

    For sale: breaking silver glanza Item Condition:all used parts Price and price conditions:will be list individaul WILL BE GETTIN PICS SOON Extra Info:parts that have already gone engine rear axle passs sisde wish bone bonnet front lights parts up for grads are gear...
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    need sum help guys

    dose any buddy no were 2 get a windscreen for a glanza nd a driver side quarter window cheap
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    silver glanza v

    For sale: sivler glanza Price and price conditions:2600 extra info: has got 6months tax and mot till december 09 bbR cat back new sr special shocks apexi boost gauge blitz dump value Pictures: [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Contact Details:pm or ring 07909892678...
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    4 efte head

    4 efte head & trd short shifter For sale:4 efte head Item Condition:used but in good workin order Price and price conditions:150 Extra Info:came off my car due 2 big end gone Pictures: [/IMG] Contact Details:pm me Location:bristol Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:25...
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    blitz decat

    For sale:blitz decat Item Condition:used Price and price conditions:160 posted Extra Info: Pictures:[/IMG] [/IMG] Contact Details:pm me Location:bristol Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:in the price
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    need help with fpr

    hey guys wot shal i set my fpr at iv got frontmount blitz decat hks exhaust cat back 255 feul pump 323 injectors hks actorator set just under a bar
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    drivers side quarter window

    drivers side quarter window ep91 has any 1 got 1 as sum little cunt smashed mine grrrrrrrr
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    hey guys what size are the standerd injectors on a glanza
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    hks acturators

    For sale: hks acturator hole type pin type 1 now SOLD Item Condition: complete used but in good workin order Price and price conditions:55 POSTED Extra Info:used [/IMG] hole type [/IMG] [/IMG] Contact Details: pm me Location: bristol Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:IN THE PRICE
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    driver side ep91 miorror

    has any 1 got 1 need it asap
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    ent pissin happey at all

    look wot happend yesterday due to sum little cunts that cant drive grrrrrrrr [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    how much are these worth

    gab shocks [/IMG] HKS top mounts [/IMG] [/IMG][/IMG] tein springs [/IMG]
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    hks dump valve

    For sale:hks dump valve Item Condition:works fine could do with a lick of paint Price and price conditions:60 posted Extra Info:came off my mate mr2 Pictures: [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Contact : pm Location:bristol Delivery & Conditions of Delivery : in price
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    wot a bargain

    just grabed my self a good deal a gt gear box for £56 wot u guys fink
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    mild steel mani

    hey guys iv got a mild steel mani for sale conditon: has been welded in 1 place price 100 posted pic: below [/IMG] [/IMG] extra infor: was brought from a member on her due 2 goin diffrent set up dint get chance 2 fit
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    help needed

    hey guys how do u set up a blitz boost control
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    map senser

    has any 1 got a standard map senser as i have lost mine puttin engine back in pm if u have 1 cheers guys
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    wot do u guys fink ov the new coulor

    from this [/IMG] [/IMG] to thisssssssss [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] let no wot u fink cheers