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  1. williamocarroll1982

    Contents list of 4efte full engine gasket kit

    As above, can anyone give me a full list of the contents of the full engine gasket kit for a 4e-fte. I will rep anyone who can help me out. Pictures would be bonus if anyone has any. Thanks in advance
  2. williamocarroll1982

    Sales Feedback - Ian

    What can I say about Ian. He is an absolute gent to deal with. Kept totally informed all the way. He was upfront and honest about everything and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He even gave me a starter and alternator for free to sweeten the deal. His packaging was unbelievable :eek:, I...
  3. williamocarroll1982

    TRD Ignition leads?

    Are they any good? And how much do they go for used?
  4. williamocarroll1982

    Electrical connectors

    I am talking about the male and female connectors supplied with the emanage's with the seperate seals that you use to wire it to he car loom, not the connector that plugs into the emanage. Anyone know a site I can get these from? I haven't seen them in any motor factors around here
  5. williamocarroll1982

    TRD short shifter

    Sorry if this should be in a different section but just wondering if there are any obvious visual difference between the TRD short shifter and the standard shifter in a EP91. Pics would be great if anyone has any :)
  6. williamocarroll1982

    Glanza V Clutch slave cylinder

    Has anyone ever stripped down one of these (must be Glanza V, not GT)? If so, what colour is the standard piston inside
  7. williamocarroll1982

    My members garage

    I decided to sign up as a paid member so thought I would add a members garage. Its not much at the minute but i'll add to it as time goes by. Anybody who is interested in see my V when I first got her here it is
  8. williamocarroll1982

    Scum on windscreen HELP!!!

    Ok, not sure if this is the right section but I didn't know where to post it I was driving home last night, a journey that took over an hour and there was this scummy residue on my windscreen that wasn't there before (havn't done any driving at night over the xmas till last night). It was...
  9. williamocarroll1982


    Bought an ep91 from Mark today. Was in the exact condition he said it was in, in fact it was maybe in better condition than he was saying. Met us miles away from his house and showed us the way just to make it easier for us. He was a pleasure to deal with and a genuinely nice lad. Wouldn't...
  10. williamocarroll1982

    Gran Turismo 5 gave me a birthday present lol

    Hey lads, I was playing GT5 last night and when it past 12 midnight the game said happy birthday and gave me a free car from the year I was born. It was only an '82 Audi Quattro (heard of a fella getting a 787B race car) but i though it was a really cool thing to do and more games should follow...
  11. williamocarroll1982

    New genuine toyota parts query

    I'm just wondering if any of the traders in Northern Ireland can sources new parts from Toyota as Toyota in the republic are thieving c**ts. I'm currently in the process of putting my car back together and just want to know for future reference :)
  12. williamocarroll1982

    What head work for high revving 4E?

    As about, what head work and perts are needed for a high revving 4E, lets say 9K rpm
  13. williamocarroll1982

    "WANTED" 5efhe engine

    As above, I want a 5efhe engine from someone in Ireland
  14. williamocarroll1982

    Car Town on Facebook

    Its a cool little game. You start off with a small garage. You can make it bigger and tune your car for drag racing against your friends. Its like farmville for petrol heads :haha:
  15. williamocarroll1982

    Admin or mod

    Can a member of admin or a moderator contact me about "Trader Status" Information please :)
  16. williamocarroll1982

    Gearbox rebuild: How to

    Hello guys, has anyone got a "how to" to rebuild a turbo gearbox. I know nothing about gearboxes and have decided its time i learned so im going to rebuild my own. Any help and advice would be really appreciated
  17. williamocarroll1982

    3e vs 5e

    As above, I am just wondering what the differences between the two are as in the bore and stroke etc an is it easy to get parts for the 3e IF its not the same as the 5e. I really know nothing about the 3e engine so any help would be great. Thanks in advance :)
  18. williamocarroll1982

    Help please

    Can anyone tell me if the starter and alternator from the standard 1.3 starlet (ep91) is the same as the one on the Glanza V?
  19. williamocarroll1982

    Getting rid of fuel cut with EMU???

    Hi guys, im currently fitting an emu to an ep82 and was just wondering how to disable the fuel cut through the emu.
  20. williamocarroll1982

    JAM Hybrid

    Does anyone know anything or have any info/spec on these turbo's. Ive heard JAM got 250bhp at 1.6 bar boost using it on their 5e but have no idea if this is true or not. Any help would be much appreciated :)