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  1. spuddy

    EP82 ECU Extension harness (Used)

    For sale: EP82 ECU Extension harness (used) Item Condition: Item is used Price and price conditions: £35 delivered Extra Info:The has been used by myself it has had an emanage ultimate patches into it in the past so the wires cut on it are the same wires you would be cutting. These...
  2. spuddy

    Section engine torque damper

    For sale: Section engine torque damper Item Condition: second hand but in excellent condition Price and price conditions: £75 delivered Extra Info: Fits both EP82 and EP91. This bolts onto the right side engine mount and then up to the strut, it helps remove engine movement when running...
  3. spuddy

    Track day wheels with 2 Brand new tyres

    For sale: 4 Wheels 2 with Toyo 888s and 2 with Toyo R1Rs(maybe 100 miles on them) Item Condition:The wheels need painted, they don't look great but are very light. The 888 tyres are bald but the R1Rs are in excellent condition. Price and price conditions: £70 Extra Info: I used these...
  4. spuddy

    Emanage Blue or Ultimate

    A friend has asked me to put the feelers out for a piggyback ECU. He has a 5efe NA build in a Starlet but due to the immobilisor and not haveing the correct key programming he can't use the 1500cc ecu and is using the 4E ecu. The power sounds to be low for the mods he has so we think a...
  5. spuddy

    15" Momo Corse Wheels £40!!!!!!

    For sale: 15" Momo Corse Alloys for sale Item Condition: Not Kurbed or scuffed but the lacquer on 2 wheels isn't great Price and price conditions: £40 Collection only Extra Info: 3 have Goodyear Eagle F1s but they are below road legal limits. I'm moving house and want these gone...
  6. spuddy

    Drive Shafst

    Drive Shafts For sale: 2 Complete sets of Drive Shafts Item Condition: Used but i good condition Price and price conditions: £40 a shaft or all of them for £100 Extra Info: Handy as spares if doing a spot of racing Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: N.Ireland...
  7. spuddy

    Broken VF30/35/36/37/43/48 wanted

    I need a compressor housing for my own turbo so doesn't matter if the oil seals are blown on the donor turbo. Thanks
  8. spuddy

    Selling Drag wheels/tyres, Lightweight pullys, Clutches, Drive Shafts, SARD

    For sale: SARD Type RJ Fuel reg Item Condition: Like New Price and price conditions: £120 Paypal +4% Extra Info: This is the bigger stronger version of the regular Sard RRFPR Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: N.Ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Collection or post For...
  9. spuddy

    The Starlet has a new home!

    Took a notion to sell the drag car last Friday and get something road going for the summer and as a future project and today the deal was done. The new owner wants to remain anonymous for the time being but the important thing is the car is complete and will continue in its current form or...
  10. spuddy

    Considering selling/breaking the Starlet

    Been toying with the idea of either selling or breaking the GT, really want a GT86. Whats the market like at the minute for fellas buying high spec parts, none of it cheap lol. I have a whole new exhaust side system sitting to go on the car for 600hp so no matter what I decide I'll be...
  11. spuddy

    Zisco Top Mounted T3/4 Turbo kit (No turbo)

    For sale: Zisco Top Mounted T3/4 Turbo kit (No turbo) Item Condition: Few small cracks in manifold but I'll have these repaired before sale Price and price conditions: £600 Extra Info: Kit includes, Manifold Equal length extra long for top end, Downpipe, Tial 38mm external wastegate...
  12. spuddy

    This Sunday 11th November Bishops Court Drag racing 11am

    Anyone going? Going to take mine up, use up the last of the Methanol before winter, got a big misfire I need to fix and the only place I can test it is up the strip so good chance to work on the car.
  13. spuddy

    Astra 4 2.0DTi Lowering springs

    For sale: Astra 4 2.0DTi Lowering springs Item Condition: Rusty but perfectly fine Price and price conditions: £40 +Delivery (£10) Extra Info: Had to remove them to the young fella being due and we needed the car to be softer. Pictures: Pic with her car lowered on them...
  14. spuddy

    Engine torque damper

    For sale: Section engine torque damper Item Condition: Used but in perfect condition Price and price conditions: £150+delivery(£10) Extra Info: I had to take this off my car to make room for fuel hoses. Pictures: Contact Details: PM me Location: Co.Down, N.Ireland...
  15. spuddy

    Greddy Boost Control Solenoid Frequency?

    Does anyone know what frequency the Greddy boost solenoid likes to operate at? Bit of searching I think its 31Mhz but the source wasn't 100%
  16. spuddy

    500hp Clutch kit and a 3E flywheel to fit 5E and 4E 212mm plates.

    For sale: 4E Prototype 500hp Competition Clutch. Item Condition: Some tiny bits of the corners due to limiter launching, primary use was drag racing. Still holds 500hp without slip. Pics to detail all wear below. Price and price conditions: £250 + delivery Extra Info: Was removed to...
  17. spuddy

    Sunday 15th April Straightliners Drag racing Enniskillen Airport

    Ok whos up for it, racing or watching. Straightliners is always a big event, lots of cars in standard trim all the way up to the more powerful stuff, the racing isn't class based it's bracket based so don't be worried if you cars running stock power, you won't be competing against higher...
  18. spuddy

    FREE 25 litres of Methanol mixed with VP M2 top lube oil: Read Extra Info

    For sale: 25 litres of Methanol Item Condition: Unknown/Untested Price and price conditions: Free Extra Info: I had 2 drums stored over the winter in metal containers and insulated, one drum however the metal handle I broke off when mixing it with the M2. Unknown to me this has created...
  19. spuddy

    Saturday 3rd March Bishops Court Drag racing!

    2012 season kicks of in just over a month. Stick your names down if your either racing or just going up for a look. 1.Spuddy (Racing) 2. 3. 4. 5.
  20. spuddy

    Members cars thread thumbnail??

    How do you put a wee picture beside you members car page?