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    ecu with launch control feature.

    Does any1 have an ecu with launch control feature for sale?
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    What ecu????

    Im just wondering what ecu would suit my setup, the car is pretty standard apart form a 4branch de-cat and ct20a turbo. what ecu do yous reckon i should use?
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    ct20a turbo and external wastegate

    How do i turn the boost down on this setup cos my car keeps hitting fuel cut?????
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    Where do i run the rubber pipes from my wastegate to?? I dont no how they work atal..
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    ct20a turbo

    I got a ct20a turbo for my glanza but just under were i connect the turbo to the manifold there's a little hole that looks like its suppose to have a bolt or something in it.. Can anyone help??
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    Glanza turbo

    does anyone no the proper name for a hybrid turbo for a glanza?
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    Hybrid turbo wanted

    Want hybrid for my glanza... cash waiting...